State Senate District 43: Who should represent Iowa City?

Joe Bolkcom, a Democrat, faces University of Iowa student Pat Wronkiewicz, a Republican, to represent the area surrounding the UI in the State Senate.


Katie Goodale/Lily Smith

Republican Patrick Wronkiewicz (left) is a UI student running against Democratic incumbent Joe Bolkcom (right) for Iowa’s 37th state Senate district.

Joe Bolkcom (D) – Incumbent

Age: 62  

Hometown: Iowa City

Education: St. Ambrose University; University of Iowa, M.A.


Health Care: Bolkcom voted against a 2017 bill to reduce state funding for Planned Parenthood. He supported a 2013 bill to appropriate funds for mental health and children’s health services. 

Education:  He criticized yearly budget cuts to regent institutions and supported a bill to increase public school funding. 

Economy: Bolkcom supported a 2012 bill to regulate tax-increment financing in local municipalities.

Environment/Agriculture: Bolkcom supported a natural resource trust fund and a bill to manage greenhouse-gas emissions. 

Patrick Wronkiewicz (R)

Age: 27  

Hometown: Chicago

Education: current University of Iowa senior


Education:  Wronkiewicz has made funding or higher-education institutions a staple of his campaign. He believes budget cuts to universities get in the way of students’ education and remove private-sector jobs.

Health Care: Wronkiewicz believes in providing multiple health care options to Iowans. He supports a plan based on a law that expands health-care choices in Iowa. 

Jobs/Economy: Wronkiewicz supports lowering taxes, in a way that both big and small businesses can compete with each other. He believes tax breaks to corporate organizations create an unfair environment in which small businesses cannot succeed.

Environment/Agriculture: Wronkiewicz believes climate change is an important issue. He aims to ensure farmers’ needs are addressed.

Iowa Secretary of State Office
Iowa City, University Heights, and Hills fall within State Senate District 43.