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For more 150 years, The Daily Iowan has been shaping the careers of student journalists. Here’s how you can help keep it going in the future.

We need good journalism – and to develop exceptional journalists – now more than ever. The DI has helped launch the careers of journalists at destinations like the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Associated Press, Politico, and CNN.

But the DI, an independent non-profit organization, is facing new pressures as the business of media changes rapidly. We are ready up for the challenge. We will continue to innovate. We want to do more – and we need your help.

Please consider giving to one of America’s oldest and greatest campus newspapers. Your tax-deductible donation will ensure continued excellence from our award-winning organization and provide support for a number of initiatives, such as:

The Bill Casey Publishers Fund: Bill Casey’s impact on thousands of students during his 41-year career as publisher is immeasurable. Established to honor Bill’s legacy, this fund will provide the DI with vital operational support. Click here to learn more about the Bill Casey Publishers Fund.

Scholarships: The DI has awarded more than $1 million in scholarships since 1987 to exceptional, hard-working students.

Travel opportunities: While many college newspapers have eliminated or cut their newsroom travel budgets, the DI continues to send teams of reporters and photographers to cover political conventions, bowl games, tournaments and other major news events.

Training for our student staff: The DI provides professional training in reporting, editing, design, photography, digital, and broadcasting so the next crop of young journalists can hit the ground running in the real world.

New technology and equipment upgrades: The tools and equipment our students need for good reporting and storytelling – and to land the best job – is evolving every day.

For questions or more information on how you can help support The Daily Iowan, please contact:

Jason Brummond
The Daily Iowan
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Jeff Liebermann
Assistant Vice President
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