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Senior Column | Quittin’ time

Senior Column | Quittin’ time

Caleb McCullough, Executive Editor May 10, 2022

It wasn’t until a couple years into reporting that I realized this was a thing I could really stick with. That’s a little late, considering all the money and time I had spent on school and pumping...

Senior Column | The DI teaches us that everyone needs an editor

Senior Column | The DI teaches us that everyone needs an editor

Rylee Wilson, Managing Editor May 10, 2022

Someone once told me maybe I liked journalism so much because I wanted to write, but I wasn’t ready to write about myself. That’s probably true. I’ve written hundreds of stories in my four...

Senior Column | Digital journalism is the future, and I’m embracing it

Senior Column | Digital journalism is the future, and I’m embracing it

Kelsey Harrell, Managing Digital Editor May 10, 2022

I walked into The Daily Iowan newsroom before I even stepped foot in a classroom at the University of Iowa. Little did I know, I would spend more hours than I could count in that room over the next...

Photo of Rachel Schilke, Senior Print Editor.

Senior Column | The DI was my classroom

Rachel Schilke, Senior Print Editor May 9, 2022

When I stepped into The Daily Iowan newsroom for the first time, I never could have imagined what unbelievably crazy and unexpected experiences I would have that would shape me into the journalist,...

Photo of Katie Ann McCarver, Copy Editor.

Senior Column | How being in a college newsroom taught me about my community

Katie Ann McCarver, Copy Editor May 9, 2022

When I came to the University of Iowa as a freshman, I didn’t know anyone else on campus. My mom helped me settle into the dorms before she embarked on the 16-hour drive back to Houston, Texas, and...

Contributed photo of Elisabeth Neruda, DITV Director.

Senior Column | DITV taught me ‘the show must go on’

Elisabeth Neruda May 9, 2022

I’m not great at letting go. I’m a fairly anxious person in general, so worrying constantly about everything all the time is my forte. But with DITV, it is even worse. When I stepped into this...

Contributed photo of Lauren Johnson, Politics Reporter.

Senior Column | The DI taught me to live outside of my comfort zone

Lauren Johnson May 8, 2022

There’s this old saying that goes, “Life happens just outside your comfort zone.” When I was younger, I never really believed it. Being out of my comfort zone made me anxious, and anxiety makes...

Contributed photo of Yassie Buchanan, Opinions Columnist.

Senior Column | Finding and holding on to a love for storytelling

Yassie Buchanan , Opinions Columnist May 8, 2022

Two years ago, suffering from boredom during quarantine, I decided to explore what The Daily Iowan had to offer. I remember seeing “we are always hiring” on the website and tentatively filling...

Contriubted photo of Signe Nettum, Opinions Columnist.

Senior Column | The DI always made me feel heard

Signe Nettum, Opinions Columnist May 8, 2022

Once again, I am writing a goodbye letter and I am at a loss for words. I can talk your ear off for two hours about the latest Magic: the Gathering set, or about how my plants are doing, but when I...

Opinion | Programs that aid COVID-19 patients should not end yet

Opinion | Programs that aid COVID-19 patients should not end yet

Kyle Tristan Ortega, Opinions Columnist May 5, 2022

With pandemic restrictions being more lenient now than before, it’s easy to forget that COVID-19 is still a problem for some people—a really expensive problem. In Iowa, the average cost for hospitalization...

Photo Illustration.

Opinion | University of Iowa students should fill out their ACE course evaluations

Madeleine Willis, News Reporter May 5, 2022

Students at the University of Iowa are given two opportunities each year to provide feedback to their professors. Assessing the Classroom Environment, or ACE, are end of the semester evaluations...

Contributed photo Shahab Khan.

Opinion | Jordanian journals: Despotism in the desert

Shahab Khan, Opinions Columnist May 4, 2022

In the midst of World War I, the British were looking to do what they do best: destroy a civilization. Of course, that was not their only stated objective in the Middle East theater of World War...

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