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Opinion | No to Trump in 2024

Opinion | No to Trump in 2024

Luke Krchak, Opinions Contributor December 8, 2022

Former President Donald Trump announced on Nov. 15 that he is running for the nomination in the 2024 general election. While it seems like no surprise, this announcement made me wonder if he is...

Former President Donald Trump speaks at a rally on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022, at the Sioux City Gateway Airport in Iowa.

Opinion | Trump is still popular among Iowa Republicans

Sam Knupp, Opinions Contributor December 6, 2022

Former President Donald Trump is still popular among Republicans, and Iowa is no exception. Since the midterm elections, I’ve seen plenty of articles that claim Trump has lost support and influence...

Opinion | Human Right abuses in Qatar, and the U.S.

Opinion | Human Right abuses in Qatar, and the U.S.

Yasmina Sahir, Opinions Columnist December 5, 2022

“Before you point a finger at someone else, figure out if it can be pointed right back at you,” my mother used to say. “If so, don’t go pointing anywhere before you fix yourself.”  Western...

Opinion | Take a philosophy course

Opinion | Take a philosophy course

Kyle Tristan Ortega, Opinions Contributor December 4, 2022

When one thinks of philosophy, they may think of the profound questions the discipline seeks to answer, such as “what is the meaning of life?” or “does free will exist?” Though these...

Opinion | Viral ‘health hacks’ are more harmful than good

Opinion | Viral ‘health hacks’ are more harmful than good

Chris, Klepach December 4, 2022

Not everyone on TikTok is a health care provider, but anyone on the app can claim they are. This unsolicited information can have negative ramifications on young platform users. There...

Opinion | The ‘War on Christmas’ and other fables

Opinion | The ‘War on Christmas’ and other fables

Sophia Meador, Opinions Editor December 4, 2022

Happy Holidays; what a divisive sentiment. The holiday season begins after Thanksgiving and is marked by religious holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Even people who are not...

Iowa House District 90 seat Adam Zabner hugs a supporter during a watch party on Election Day at Big Grove Brewery and Taproom in Iowa City, on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022. Adam Zabner won the election for District 90 on Tuesday after running unopposed.

Opinion | Racial diversity matters at all levels

Naomi Rivera, Opinions Contributor November 30, 2022

Following this year’s midterm election, Iowa and Johnson County brought more racial and ethnic diversity to the political field.  Four years before, the Iowa House had only four people of color.  Before...

University of Iowa students study in the Math Tutorial Lab at MacLean Hall on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

Opinion | Final projects leave students better off. Here’s why.

Stella Logsdon, Opinions Contributor November 29, 2022

Now that Thanksgiving break is over, finals are just around the corner, and University of Iowa students are racing to this semester’s finish line. The period between the end of midterm exams and finals...

Infographic by Jami Martin-Trainer.

Opinion | Iowa’s Democrats are getting bulldozed

Shahab Khan, Opinions Columnist November 29, 2022

The 2022 Midterms confirmed one thing about Iowa — it is not a swing state anymore. Republicans ran the table, as they retained all their statewide offices by comfortable margins. In addition, the...

Supporters for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., participate during the caucus at Des Moines Precinct 62 in the Knapp Center on Monday, February 3, 2020. The caucus head count reached 849 people, leaving 127 individuals needed for the candidate to be declared viable. Sen. Warren received 212 in the 1st round total.

Opinion | What way will Iowa swing?

Elise Cagnard, Opinions Columnist November 28, 2022

Politics might have been a hot topic at your Thanksgiving dinner table.  In culmination with the recent midterm election, politics might be the last thing you want to hear about. But as we approach...

Graphic by Sophia Meador

Opinion | It’s time to ban semi-automatic assault weapons

Sophia Meador, Opinions Editor November 27, 2022

I was in fifth grade when Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 Sandy Hook Elementary School students and six teachers in Newtown, Connecticut. That is my first memory of gun violence. Now, almost 10 years...

The University of Iowa Museum of Natural History is seen at the University of Iowa on Monday, May 2, 2022.

Opinion | Showing gratitude: giving thanks to Iowa City

Luke Krchak, Opinions Contributor November 27, 2022

Iowa City: It has a ring to it that has never left my mind. Several places in Iowa City hold a special place in my heart, from the Fourth of July fireworks over the Old Capital, to eating...

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