State Senate District 37 seat is up for grabs

State Sen. Bob Dvorsky is stepping down after serving in the Iowa Senate since 1995. Two candidates want to take his place.


Zach Wahls (left) and Carl Krambeck (right) are running for Iowa state Senate in the 37th District.

Zach Wahls (D)

Age: 27  

Hometown: Iowa City

Education: University of Iowa


Education: Wahls opposes cutting budgets of higher-education institutions. He criticizes incentives for private K-12 school students such as Education Savings Accounts and vouchers.

Health Care: Wahls supports bringing Medicaid under state management, recommitting state funding to Planned Parenthood and expanding access to mental-health care facilities. 

Jobs/Economy: Wahls supports raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour and wants to strengthen the collective-bargaining abilities of public-sector unions. 

Environment: Wahls studied environmental protection and renewable energy at the UI. He supports more funding for water-quality projects and expanding solar energy. 

Carl Krambeck (L)

Age: 30  

Hometown: Clarence, Iowa

Education: Buena Vista University, Kirkwood Community College, A.S.


Education: Krambeck supports shifting money from universities to community colleges because he believes they give Iowa a more skilled workforce. 

Health Care: He believes over-the-counter birth control and allowing patients to participate in non-FDA approved experimental treatments will expand free-market health care. He supports state-run Medicaid and ending Certificates of Need. 

Jobs/Economy: Krambeck supports tax cuts and elimination of the bottom tax bracket. He wants to legalize marijuana, sports betting, and grant more casino licenses. 

Environment: Krambeck hopes to bring more sustainable energy to Iowa by investing in nuclear energy over coal and natural gas.

Iowa Secretary of State Office
Iowa Senate District 37 contains Cedar County and parts of Johnson County, including Coralville and University Heights.