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The Daily Iowan

The independent newspaper of the University of Iowa community since 1868

The Daily Iowan

The independent newspaper of the University of Iowa community since 1868

The Daily Iowan

Job Descriptions

News Reporters:

  • Research, report, and write two to three stories each week, meeting all assigned deadlines. 
  • Attend and contribute three well-sourced and researched pitches at the weekly news team meeting on Sunday, as well as two additional pitches on Tuesday or Wednesday. 
  • Proactively follow national, state and local coverage of an assigned beat, and actively communicate with sources to produce competitive news coverage. 
  • Uphold professional and ethical behavior at all times while representing The Daily Iowan, including on social media. 
  • No previous experience is required, but clear communication and deadline management is a plus.

Opinions Columnists:

  • Opinion writers write on a regular basis from their point of view on a variety of topics including University of Iowa policies, local and state government decisions, and other student-geared topics.
  • Engage with a regular audience and use thorough research to complete columns with clear, concise, and persuasive writing that adheres to AP style.
  • Columnists attend weekly pitch meetings and write on a weekly basis. Contributors write on a frequent basis.
  • No previous experience is required, though background writing experience, reporting skills, and knowledge of current events are pluses.


  • TV News Reporter:
    • Film stories used in newscasts and serve as an anchor.
    • What’s involved:
      • Attend weekly Sunday pitch meetings
      • Report on a beat and coordinate with other journalists on the same
      • Produce 2 news packages each month
      • Contribute film weekly and write copy for the show
      • Write copy for stand-alone packages posted to the DI website
      • Conference with the News Director or TV Writing Coach once a semester minimum
    • For live shows, shifts typically run from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and anchors should seek feedback on delivery and poise throughout the semester.
  • TV Sports Reporter:
    • Sports reporters film and report stories on all things Hawkeye sports, including attending athletic events and interviewing players and coaches. 
    • What’s involved:
      • Attend weekly Sunday pitch meetings
      • Pitch and complete stories on a weekly basis related to an assigned Hawkeye sport 
      • Conference regularly with TV Sports Director or TV writing coach
  • TV Producer:
    • Producers plan/write the show and coordinate with reporters, video editors/tech staff, and directors. Shifts begin at 6 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and last two-four hours.
    • What’s involved:
      • Attend weekly Sunday pitch meetings, produce at least one show a week
      • Have good communication, management, and multitasking skills
      • Work with News Director to approve scripts
      • Coordinate visuals for the show
      • Have a good eye for news and understanding of what makes a story “newsworthy”
      • For live shows, day-of expectations are to arrive at the studio by 7 a.m. (out by 9 a.m.). Producers complete coordination tasks, such as printing scripts and communicating with the Tech Director.


  • Arts reporters cover the arts, culture, and entertainment scene throughout the Iowa City area.
  • Reporters are enthusiastic about local arts and culture coverage. They come into our newsroom eager to learn and write about new and exciting things happening in Iowa City!
  • Reporters are punctual to pitch meetings and come prepared with 2 pitches (story ideas) each week. They are open to having their work edited, and have a professional attitude that reflects the values of the DI.
  • Arts reporters produce content weekly, and typically write 1-2 stories per week (although there is no required minimum/maximum amount), each with at least three interviewed sources.


  • Designers layout the weekly print edition of The Daily Iowan, taking note of each story and art to create the paper. 
  • Designers and illustrators create graphics to accompany Daily Iowan projects, day-to-day stories, and online promotional materials. The section also spearheads special design projects and print editions. 
  • No experience is required, though familiarity with InDesign and Photoshop are a plus. 

Photojournalist / videographers:

  • Photographers work with writers to take photos to accompany day-to-day online and in-print stories, create slideshows, and are expected to pitch their own projects. 
  • Our videographers similarly work closely with other sections to produce documentary-style short films and long-term projects. 
  • No experience is required, but familiarity with camera settings, PhotoShop, and PhotoMechanic are a plus.

Sports Reporters:

  • Cover Iowa Athletics events, games, matches, and meets
  • Write feature stories about student-athletes and coaches
  • Attend weekly pitch meetings on Sundays
  • Interview athletes and coaches

Politics Reporters:

  • Politics reporters must have at least a semester of news experience at The Daily Iowan or reporting experience for another publication under their belt.
  • Reporters are expected to pitch and write stories about Iowa politics. That includes keeping up to date on Iowa political news, interviewing voters, politicians, government officials, and being adept at reviewing documents.