The independent newspaper of the University of Iowa community since 1868

The Daily Iowan

The independent newspaper of the University of Iowa community since 1868

The Daily Iowan

The independent newspaper of the University of Iowa community since 1868

The Daily Iowan

Frequently Asked Questions

The Daily Iowan is hiring for the 2022 Fall Semester. Apply at our application portal here. The Daily Iowan is an independent student-run newspaper at the University of Iowa. We cover campus and Iowa City news, Hawkeye athletics, the area arts and culture scene, and Iowa politics. 

Here are a few frequently asked questions about working for the DI, answered here. 

How do I apply?

Go to our application portal here. Attach a cover letter (we want to see your writing!) and a résumé, select what section(s) you’d most like to work in, and list any social media or websites you actively run. Contact Sabine Martin with general questions or section editors for section-specific questions.

What positions are available?

For the fall 2023 semester, we’re hiring news reporters, photographers, and DITV news reporters, sports reporters, and digital producers. For more information on each position click here.

Do I need to be a journalism major? 

No. While many of our staffers are journalism majors, our staffers and editors major in anthropology, sports studies, art, informatics, English and creative writing, cinema, engineering, and more. 

Do I need prior experience to work for The Daily Iowan? 

No. We train everyone regardless of background. Previous experience is a plus, but clear writing, a nose for news, and passion for storytelling will serve you well at The Daily Iowan. We pride ourselves on being a teaching news organization.

Can I work at The Daily Iowan if I am not a University of Iowa student? Or what if I’m still in high school? 

In most situations, no. We reserve our spots for University of Iowa students. We’d be happy to give you a tour of the DI, and talk more about the opportunities available here. We also have scholarships available for high school seniors to work for the DI during their college career. 

How many hours of work can I expect to commit to The Daily Iowan as a staffer? 

The amount of time varies per section. New staffers should expect to produce at least one piece of content a week. Staffers will also attend weekly section meetings and trainings. The Daily Iowan allows staffers to set their own flexible schedules so being involved in other campus activities, having an outside job is possible. Reporters should be expected to update editors throughout the week on progress on stories. Individual editors can give an estimate of how much time a position requires. As with any student organization, what you put into the DI is what you’ll reap in experience. 

Am I paid for my work? 

All staff members are paid, even if it’s not much. Staffers are paid a nominal rate per piece of content (for example, reporters are paid per story). Editors receive a weekly stipend. Pay periods are monthly.