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What is RSS?

RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication — and it’s really just that. An RSS Feed essentially provides users an easy way to stay updated with content from a particular website — without having to wade through search engine results. Readers can subscribe to the feed(s) of their choice depending on the category of their choice.

For instance, if you’re a Hawkeye sports enthusiast and want to stay updated on how the Hawks are playing, you can subscribe to the DI’s Sports RSS feed. That way, you’ll get notified when the sports section publishes a story.

How do I subscribe?

You’ll need an RSS Reader — a free software that you can download to your desktop or mobile device that delivers your feed of choice to your device. Feedly is perhaps the most popular reader available.

We have the following feeds available:

Main RSS Feed

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News RSS Feed

Sports RSS Feed

Politics RSS Feed

Opinions RSS Feed

Arts RSS Feed

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