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Student Spotlight: Graphic design major constructs National Park-themed showcase

Contributed by Amber Dale.

Parker Jones, Arts Reporter

October 20, 2020

This week, stepping into University of Iowa senior Amber Dale’s exhibition in the Visual Arts Building will be like walking into a National Park gift shop. A central display filled with trinkets accompanied by a fake campfire and prop tent will add to the naturalistic setting, aided by graphic desig...

Student Spotlight: UI student performs songs with meaningful messages


Jenna Post, Arts Reporter

October 6, 2020

University of Iowa sophomore Grace Springer doesn’t let the workload her engineering major brings stop her from sharing her passion for music with her followers. With nothing more than a white guitar, a simple, bare background, and a little bit of free time, the singer and her delicate, yet confi...

Student Spotlight: UI student uses dining hall to-go containers to create watercolor-like works of art

Portrait of Ericka Barloon taken on Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020 in the courtyard between Currier and Stanley residence halls. Barloon is a senior RA this year.

Jenna Post, Arts Reporter

September 22, 2020

After finishing their takeout from University of Iowa dining halls, most students see the paper to-go boxes provided to them as trash and throw them in their waste bins without a second thought. Fourth-year student Ericka Barloon, however, sees an opportunity to create art. For as long a...

Student Spotlight: Artist raises money for charity through political graphic design


Tatiana Plowman, Arts Reporter

September 8, 2020

Inspired by peers and the variety of art mediums around him, University of Iowa art and creative writing major Noah Neal found himself enrolling in multiple art classes in high school, determined to get an “easy A” and have a few more credits under his belt. Neal had no idea that these class...

Student Spotlight: UI artist creates ceramic pieces through experiential techniques

Benjamin Gilbertson, a BFA student studying Ceramics, poses in front of the Visual Arts Building on August 25, 2020.

Madison Lotenschtein, Arts Editor

August 26, 2020

When Benjamin Gilbertson enrolled in a ceramics course in high school, all he was expecting was an “easy A.” By the end, not only had he earned the grade he’d hoped for — the young artist found a fledgling passion for ceramics. Gilbertson is now pursuing a bachelor’s in fine arts in Ce...

Student Spotlight: Grad student recreates scenes from Romeo and Juliet handmade dolls


Addie Bushnell, Arts Reporter

May 11, 2020

Just weeks before spring break — when the University of Iowa made the decision to move the remainder of the spring semester online — graduate acting student Luli Gomez was performing as Natasha in the UI Theatre Arts Department’s production of Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov. Her experience would so...

Student Spotlight: UI hockey player balances passion for sport and music

Student Spotlight: UI hockey player balances passion for sport and music

Megan Conroy, Arts Reporter

April 30, 2020

From the basement of his family home in Illinois, hockey player, musician, and UI accounting major Mikey Fontana described what his “new normal” looks like in a COVID-19 pandemic-era world. The basement recently flooded, making the now-carpetless space a haven for acoustics and rich sound. It is...

Student Spotlight: UI grad student explores space, time, and sound


Jenna Post, Arts Reporter

April 27, 2020

Guitars suspended in midair and a band playing in an inflatable bubble is an unusual sight at the University of Iowa, but graduate student Jacob Jones brought that vision to life despite COVID-19 changing their plans last minute. Jones’ intermedia performance, Space-Time (Space Lime),  was orig...

Student Spotlight: UI artist creates music and paintings from themes of liberation of the self

Student Spotlight: UI artist creates music and paintings from themes of liberation of the self

Madison Lotenschtein, Arts Editor

April 19, 2020

On March 6, University of Iowa BFA painter and musician, Mary Bozaan, decided to do the unthinkable: host a live stream performance of her unreleased EP, Young Grub, on a pornographic website. Wearing a wig to protect her identity — and performing as her alter-ego, Ariella Nice —  she projected ...

Student Spotlight: UI playwright turns to livestreaming their writing process online amid COVID-19 outbreak

Contributed (Photographer: Brett Stone)

Josie Fischels, Arts Editor

April 5, 2020

Should one find Cameron Speta streaming on Twitch, they might be surprised to find that the UI senior and playwright isn’t always playing Overwatch as the category title suggests — they’re typing on a Word document. According to Speta, the technique helps them to hold themselves accountable to wr...

Art student tells visual stories through comics

UI senior Sabrina Claman poses for a portrait in the Visual Arts Building on Friday, March 13, 2020.

Madison Lotenschtein, Arts Editor

March 29, 2020

A pencil-drawn image of a girl looking down a hillside toward a cow laying on its side sets the scene of a comic strip drawn by Sabrina Claman, a B.F.A. drawing student at the University of Iowa. The comic depicts the story of a girl trying to help her father’s cow because one of its horns has go...

Student Spotlight: UI painter embeds queerness into Catholic spaces through artwork

David Petersen poses for a portrait at the Visual Arts Building on Sunday, March 6, 2020. Peterson is working toward his Master of Fine Arts in painting.

Madison Lotenschtein, Arts Editor

March 11, 2020

Paint supplies, cardboard, and scraps of paper lay strewn across B.F.A painter David Michael Petersen’s workspace, as though an artistic twister had come through his corner of the Visual Arts Building. Wearing black jeans, a black sweater, and holding a ceramic coffee mug, Petersen joked that ...