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University of Iowa junior Kayd Nissen records footage at a Clear Creek Amana high school football practice on Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021.

Student Spotlight: TikTok famous football filmmaker

Parker Jones, Arts Reporter September 14, 2021

With over 390,000 followers on TikTok, student videographer Kayd Nissen has already found success doing what he loves — sports filmmaking.  A University of Iowa junior double majoring in journalism...


Student Spotlight: From sergeant to screenwriter

Parker Jones, Arts Reporter September 7, 2021

Undergraduate student Bruce Bartlam Jr. joined the U.S. Air Force only three months before Sept. 11, 2001. Twenty years later, the 38-year-old has retired from service and decided to attend the University...

Cinema and journalism major Jacob Smithburg poses for a portrait with his animations on screens behind him in an editing lab located at the Becker Communication Studies Building on Monday, April 26, 2021. Smithburg is an animator who spends hours working projects that he is interested in. “Go with the flow, do the work, follow your gut,” Smithburg says. “Be adventurous. Experiment and push the boundaries of a given medium! Go buckwild! Own it! Weirdness is the brand, baby! Also get a fun pair of socks. It's thrilling. It's fun. You'll love it. Go bananas.”

Student Spotlight: UI animator shares passion for cartoons

Jenna Post, Arts Reporter May 4, 2021

Jacob Smithburg had been an animation hobbyist before he fully understood animation. Whether it was making stop motion videos using Legos and action figures or creating moving drawings using the Flipnote...

Masters student studying trombone performance, Ben Hahn, poses for a portrait outside of Voxman Music Building at the University of Iowa. Hahn is a finalist for an international solo competition organized by the International Trombone Association, and will be playing in the final round this summer.

Student Spotlight: UI grad student named finalist in Larry Wiehe Tenor Trombone Competition

Abby McCusker, Arts Reporter April 27, 2021

Benjamin Hahn had an advantage over other fifth-grade trombonists in his private school — his lanky arms were already long enough to reach all the sliding positions. His fascination with the slide...


Student Spotlight: A UI pianist performs for the first time during the pandemic

Tatiana Plowman, Arts Reporter April 11, 2021

A spotlight illuminates the silhouette of Jason Lee as he seats himself at a large concert grand piano inside the Voxman Recital Hall. The auditorium in Voxman Music Building, which can seat over 200...

Emmy Palmersheim poses for a portrait on March 27, 2021.

Student Spotlight: UI undergrad playwright and activist delves into powerful themes

Parker Jones, Arts Reporter March 30, 2021

When Emmy Lane Palmersheim was a child, their parents played a crucial role in developing their love and appreciation for the arts. Together, the family would frequently attend plays, musicals, and...

Photo of t-shirt made by Sophia Gluba and Grace Frommelt. Contributed.

Student Spotlight: UI freshmen create game day merchandise

Tatiana Plowman, Arts Reporter March 16, 2021

As Hillcrest Residence Hall roommates Sophia Gluba and Grace Frommelt packed up their dorm room belongings and headed home for winter break, they knew that the extended time away from school would...


Student Spotlight: Citrus Sunday anticipates LP release

Tatiana Plowman, Arts Reporter March 2, 2021

Citrus Sunday lead singer Travis Siegel once told The Daily Iowan that an album for the band would rise “from the ashes.” The pandemic-born LP, entitled First Light, will release on March 5 with...


Student Spotlight: Student-owned business Catlett Customs brings creative shoes to UI campus

Tatiana Plowman, Arts Reporter February 16, 2021

As a first-year student on the pre-pharmacy track, Stanley Liu searched for a way to engage his creative side at the University of Iowa. Since high school, he’d had an interest in shoes and graphic...

Photo of Stewart Brown filming for Hawk Vision. Contributed.

Student Spotlight: University of Iowa men’s gymnast creates video series depicting team’s final season

Megan Conroy, Arts Reporter February 2, 2021

Junior gymnast Stewart Brown began making videos at the age of 12 but discovered his true passion for the art form while attending the University of Iowa. There, he saw a need for film coverage...


Student Spotlight: UI sophomore transforms doctor’s office into selfie museum

Tatiana Plowman, Arts Reporter November 17, 2020

When 19-year-old Brittany Postma visited a selfie museum in Chicago, inspiration struck. The avid social media user fell in love with the idea, and will now soon be the founder of her own selfie museum...

Photo of Hao Zhou. Contributed by Justin Torner.

Student Spotlight: Filmmaking grad student creates LGBTQ-centered art

Parker Jones, Arts Reporter November 3, 2020

Through all of his successes, independent filmmaker and photographer Hao Zhou’s ultimate goal remains: to help members of the LGBTQ community feel seen in art. Hailing from Nanchuan District in...

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