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Reprints and Permissions

All requests for reprint or republication permission must be received in writing:
Email: Publisher Jason Brummond at [email protected]

Please include the following information in your request:
– Date of publication
– Page number (print) or URL (online) of the article or photo
– Headline or cutline of the article or photo
– Describe intended use of the reprint or republication (i.e. name and type of publication, website you wish to republish on)
– If republishing, describe intended republication method: print or online

Submission of this request does not constitute permission. You will receive notification after the Publisher reviews the request. All authorized reproductions must include the mandatory credit line: “The Daily Iowan”.

Photos for Personal Use
To purchase a photo reprint for personal use only, contact us to help you find the photo you want.

You can obtain a high-quality custom reprint of an article, photo or full page of The Daily Iowan newspaper in hard-copy or electronic form. Newspaper pages are available from 1868 to present.

Republish a photo, article or newspaper page from The Daily Iowan in your newsletter, website, magazine, book, research paper or other publications. Price is based on intended use: personal/non-profit publication or website $25 minimum, commercial website $40 minimum, commercial publication $50 minimum.

For more information, contact Publisher Jason Brummond at [email protected].