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Karla Sierra, Stands for a portrait at The Old Capitol on Sunday, 26 2023.

First generation students find college a luxurious experience of overwhelming choices

Archie Wagner, News Reporter April 4, 2023

I once waited three hours in a very hot gym, flipping through a pamphlet to pass the time, so I could watch the 30-or-so seconds when my mother walked across the stage for a diploma. I didn’t appreciate...

Students listen to instructor Sara McGuirk in the Writing and Community Outreach creative writing class on Monday, Sept. 10, 2018.

Iowa Youth Writing Project filling academic gaps for area K-12 students

Yasmina Sahir, Opinions Columnist March 19, 2023

As a social justice and advocacy intern with the Iowa Youth Writing Project since last fall, I’ve never walked into a meeting when the room wasn’t filled with laughter and a sense of community. At...

Photo contributed by Tara Bynum.

UI assistant professor writes book about Black Joy in early American History

Meg Doster, Amplify Editor February 21, 2023

American history classes teach students about the struggles experienced by Black Americans before and after the Civil War. An English assistant professor at the University of Iowa wants to shed light...

The University of Iowa freshman student and amateur performer Archie Wagner, waits for his turn to perform in the hallway of the 2nd floor ball room, Iowa Memorial Union on December 2, 2022.

UI student performs drag for the first time to explore gender

Archie Wagner, News Reporter January 24, 2023

I’d never attended a drag show where I was on the stage myself. I’d never met drag royalty in the flesh. You adjust quickly, I found out. The second I walked into that dressing room, I knew nobody,...

Emily Hartman, poses for a portrait, on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022.

‘I am proud to be Jewish’: UI student finds community in Iowa City

Emily Hartman, Guest Writer December 6, 2022

At all of the public K-12 schools I attended, I was the only Jewish student in my classes. I was the “go-to” person when it came to answering any and all questions about Judaism. No one around...

SWANA students at the UI want to feel heard

SWANA students at the UI want to feel heard

Yasmina Sahir, Opinions Columnist October 18, 2022

Middle Eastern, Southwest Asian, North African, and Arab (SWANA or MENA) University of Iowa students — like myself — are wondering when the alienation, targeting of our community, and connotation...

Contributed photo of the first Support Circle in Iowa City meeting at the house set for the Afghan family. From left to right: Carol Tyx, Tom McMurray, Mary McMurray, Eric Jones, and Sally Hartman. Andy Douglas is taking the photo.

Sponsor circles help facilitate Afghan refugee resettlement in Iowa

Simone Garza, News Reporter May 3, 2022

When the U.S. pulled military support from the Afghan government in August 2021, the Taliban, a fundamentalist extremist group, quickly gained control of the country, displacing some 500,000 refugees. Now,...

University of Iowa first-year multiracial student Kate Perez poses for a portrait on the Pentacrest on Monday, April 18, 2022.

Multiracial UI students search for acceptance

Kate Perez, News Reporter April 19, 2022

When I was 13, I was told that I would never be truly Hispanic. The words, spoken by a former friend of mine who was Mexican, came after I was trying to explain my Cuban heritage to her. “I’m...

Illustration by Rose Foley

Women in leadership positions at the UI make their mark on campus

Day Martinez-Soto, DEI Director March 22, 2022

The University of Iowa has gained national recognition for its support of women in leadership positions across its campus. A study by Andrea Silbert, Magdalena Punty, and Elizabeth Brodbine Ghoniem...

Yasmina Sahir, a journalist who writes opinion pieces at The Daily Iowan poses for a portrait on Sunday, Feb 27, 2022 in front of the Starbucks on the corner of Clinton and Burlington in Iowa City.

Remaining unrecognized and unresearched has political, social, and physical health consequences

Yasmina Sahir , Opinions Columnist March 1, 2022

As a Moroccan-American, I have heard the following about the state of Iowa from my white peers: Racism and colorism doesn’t exist here. Anyone can succeed if they try hard enough. To answer,...

Illustration by Marandah Mangra-Dutcher

Black student involvement on UI campus initiates change

Simone Garza, News Reporter February 22, 2022

Black students at the University of Iowa have a long history of creating needed change. Alexander G. Clark, Jr. was the first African American student to graduate with a law degree from the College...

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