The Daily Iowan

Editorial Policy

The Daily Iowan is a multifaceted news-media organization that provides fair and accurate
coverage of events and issues pertaining to the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Johnson County,
and the state of Iowa.

Letters to the editor may be sent via email to [email protected] (as text, not
attachments). Each letter must be signed and include an address and phone number for
verification. Letters should not exceed 300 words and may be edited for clarity, length, style,
and space limitations, including headlines. The DI will only publish one letter per author per
month. Letters will be chosen for publication by the editors according to space considerations.
No advertisements or mass mailings, please.

Guest opinions that exceed 300 words in length must be arranged with the Opinions editor at
least three days prior to the desired date of publication. Guest opinions are selected in
accordance with length, subject relevance, and space considerations. Guest opinions may be
edited for length, clarity, style, and space limitations.

Reader comments that may appear were originally posted on or on the DI’s
social media platforms in response to published material. They will be chosen for print
publication when they are deemed to be well-written and to forward public discussion. They may
be edited for length and style.

Editorials reflect the majority opinion of the DI Editorial Board and not the opinion of the
Publisher, Student Publications Inc., or the University of Iowa.

Opinions, commentaries, columns, and editorial cartoons reflect the opinions of the authors
and are not necessarily those of the Editorial Board, The Daily Iowan, or other organizations in
which the author may be involved.