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United Auto Workers picket outside of John Deere Des October 14, 2021: Moines Works in Ankeny, Iowa. The Deere workers strike began at midnight.

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Editorial | Workers are taking their power back

DI Editorial Board November 2, 2021

The phenomena known as Striketober and the Great Resignation show that workers finally have the leverage to demand fair wages and decent treatment from their employers. Workers at several John Deere...

University of Iowa President Barbara Wilson speaks during a groundbreaking ceremony at the North Liberty University of Iowa hospitals and clinics construction site on Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021. Many leaders attended this event including Wilson, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Iowa City Mayor Bruce Teague, CEO of UIHC Suresh Gunasekaran, the Iowa Board of Regents, and more. The new facility is set to include procedure rooms, emergency care rooms, laboratories, outpatient clinics, a pharmacy, advanced diagnostic imaging and teaching/research space.

Editorial | Barbara Wilson is leading the UI in the right direction

DI Editorial Board October 17, 2021

University of Iowa President Barbara Wilson has left a positive impression on the Daily Iowan’s Editorial Board following the first three months of her tenure. Wilson walked in on a whirlwind...

Megan Alter poses for a portrait in the Daily Iowan conference room on Oct. 7.

Editorial | Daily Iowan Editorial Board endorses Megan Alter for City Council

DI Editorial Board October 12, 2021

When voters send in their ballots or go to the booths in city elections this November, they will be choosing from three candidates to fill two open at-large seats for the Iowa City City Council —...

Editorial | Don’t disband the Truth and Reconciliation Commission — let them get to work

Editorial | Don’t disband the Truth and Reconciliation Commission — let them get to work

DI Editorial Board October 3, 2021

The Iowa City City Council is preventing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission from doing any meaningful work in the city. On Sept. 21, the council voted against appointing an out-of-state firm...

Protesters hold their kids close outside the Iowa City Senior Center while pushing for pandemic relief Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021.

Editorial | It’s time for an excluded workers fund

DI Editorial Board September 21, 2021

Johnson County governments have an opportunity to set an example for the country by taking bold action with their American Rescue Plan funding and creating a fund for excluded workers. The pandemic,...

Aug 26, 2021; Dulles, VA, USA; Afghan refugees arrive at Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia while en route to military facilities in the U.S.  Mandatory Credit: Jack Gruber-USA TODAY

Editorial | Afghan refugees deserve a home in Iowa

DI Editorial Board September 7, 2021

It is time for Iowa City to accept and help resettle Afghan refugees. America’s 20-year nation-building experiment in Afghanistan has failed. In the past few weeks, the Taliban — without firing...

Editorial | Regents’ COVID-19 policy is failing to protect the community

Editorial | Regents’ COVID-19 policy is failing to protect the community

DI Editorial Board August 22, 2021

The people in charge of keeping us safe are failing. While Hawkeye students are ecstatic about the return of a “normal semester,” we may instead see a replay of 2020 under the veneer of normality. The...

Editorial | To new beginnings, for all of us

Editorial | To new beginnings, for all of us

DI Editorial Board May 10, 2021

Roughly 5,300 Hawkeyes will get their diplomas this year, and wow are we ready for it. For Hawkeyes in their last year at the University of Iowa, this May marks new beginnings. But this month, characterized...

The new University of Iowa President Barbara Wilson speaks to reporters at a press conference in the Levitt Center for University Advancement on April 30, 2021. Wilson becomes the 22nd president for the University of Iowa and was previously the Executive Vice President and Vice President for Academic Affairs for the University of Illinois.

Editorial | Barbara Wilson brings promising vision to University of Iowa

DI Editorial Board May 2, 2021

The University of Iowa’s future looks bright after the state Board of Regents selected Barbara Wilson as the 22nd president of our 31,000-student institution. Wilson, currently the University...

Editorial | Who should be the next leader at the UI

Editorial | Who should be the next leader at the UI

DI Editorial Board April 25, 2021

The next leader at the University of Iowa will face an unmatched number of headwinds in higher education. From COVID-19 financial losses to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, it’s important...

Polling booths at the Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center in Iowa City on Tuesday, Nov. 03, 2020. Few voters came as the evening approached 7:00 PM.

Editorial | With new election changes, voters’ voices suppressed

DI Editorial Board March 28, 2021

Republicans are chipping away at voting access across America, and Iowa is now taking part in destroying our democratic ideals. On March 8, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the bill Senate File 413...

Des Moines Register Reporter Andrea Sahouri learns shes been found not guilty at the conclusion of her trial, on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, at the Drake University Legal Clinic, in Des Moines, Iowa.

Editorial | Journalism isn’t a crime; we stand with Andrea Sahouri

DI Editorial Board March 14, 2021

Journalism isn’t a crime. In May 2020, Des Moines Register reporter Andrea May Sahouri was arrested in Des Moines while covering a protest following the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd....

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