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Film: Beyond The Fence: Election Night in DC

Katie Goodale , Visuals Director November 7, 2020

Film: The COVID-19 Agenda

Tate Hildyard, Senior Videographer November 5, 2020

Film: President Trump Rally in Des Moines

Tate Hildyard, Senior Videographer October 21, 2020

Film: Football during a pandemic

Tate Hildyard, Senior Videographer September 8, 2020

Film: Printing “The Daily Iowan” During a Pandemic

Jacob Maish, Documentary Director July 14, 2020

Film: May 29 Protests in Des Moines

Jenna Galligan, Photo Editor June 3, 2020

Violence followed the conclusion of a peaceful protest in front of the Des Moines Police Department on Friday. In the days following, Iowa State Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad, D-Des Moines, and Lead Organizer...

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