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Senior Column | ‘It’s been a long time coming’

Hannah Pinski, Executive Editor May 9, 2023

I couldn’t help but choose a Taylor Swift lyric as the headline for my senior column. No, it’s not just because it’s the opener to “The Eras Tour,” which I’m seeing in June. These...

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Senior Column | The DI has given me more than I could have imagined

Ryan Hansen, Managing Digital Editor May 9, 2023

My time at The Daily Iowan has been far too brief, filled with countless memories, plenty of new friends, and a whole lot of learning. When I first joined the DI as a junior, I truly felt...

Senior Column | Lessons on life and AP style

Senior Column | Lessons on life and AP style

Gretchen Lenth, Copy Editor May 9, 2023

I didn’t want to write this column at first. Not because I have nothing to say, but because I didn’t feel qualified. After all, I come from an awkward position where I quit working for The Daily...

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Senior Column | The DI gave me the experience of a lifetime

Daniel McGregor-Huyer, Photojournalist May 8, 2023

I’ve been around Iowa City for a long time. I came here in 2017 through the University of Iowa’s REACH Program, which specializes in helping students with cognitive and intellectual disabilities. Through...

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Senior Column | The civic duty of research

Chris Klepach, Opinions Columnist May 8, 2023

Before my time began at The Daily Iowan, I was rarely in tune with the local news cycle. With this came regret for not knowing what my government was up to. In my time spent at the DI, I truly began...

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Senior Column | DITV taught me what I didn’t want to do

Julia Richards, Assistant DITV News Director and DITV Sports Reporter May 8, 2023

At 16 years old, I was convinced I knew exactly what I wanted to do; I wanted to be a sideline reporter or a sports broadcaster of some sort and show the world that women belong in the sports industry....

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Senior Column | Nothing will go to plan, and that’s alright

Meg Doster, Amplify Editor May 8, 2023

Life will never go as planned. My first plan was to become a computer scientist, then it was to graduate in four years. After that, it was to go to law school. None of those things happened. I changed...

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Senior Column | My utmost thanks

Abigail Kurten, DITV Reporter and Digital Liaison May 7, 2023

I never intended to be a journalist. When I stepped into my dorm freshman year, I was eager to start my journey as an English and creative writing major and to write as much poetry and fiction I could...


Opinion | English and creative writing majors graduate with beneficial skills

Naomi Rivera Morales, Opinions Columnist May 4, 2023

The English and creative writing major comes with numerous benefits despite some concerns. As a student in this major, I have been asked the question: What are you going to do with your life? The most...

A parade participant walks with a sign saying “This is 4 you” during the Iowa City Pride Parade in Iowa City on Saturday, June 18, 2022. The Revaux family’s close friends, Lauren Magnani, 39, and Tomeka Magnani, 32, who have a daughter Addie’s age, also emphasized how important the exposure of the LGBTQ community is for young children. When Lauren was younger, she did not get to see different types of families or people. “Its just really good because then [children] feel like theyre just as valid as any other person or family,” she said.

Letter to the Editor | Future teachers support LGBTQ+ students right to exist in school

May 4, 2023

As Senate File 496 makes its way to be signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds, Aspiring Educators at Iowa stand in deep opposition to the bill. As pre-service teachers, we’re training at one of the best Colleges...

Driver Will Power (12) goes into turn three during the NTT IndyCar Series Hy-Vee Salute to Farmers 300 presented by Google at Iowa Speedway in Newton, Iowa on Sunday, July 24, 2022. Power finished the race second.

Opinion | I’m tired of football

Sam Knupp, Opinions Contributor May 4, 2023

I’m going to say it. I’m tired of football. And the endless football onslaught won’t be ending anytime soon. The NFL wrapped up in February and a week later came the opening weekend of the...

Senior Column | Learning how to take chances

Senior Column | Learning how to take chances

Chloe Peterson, Sports Editor May 4, 2023

Funny enough, I didn’t even think about journalism as a career until I stepped on the University of Iowa’s campus. I didn’t write a legitimate print sports story until the summer before...

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