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Gov. Kim Reynolds gives the State of the State address in the house chamber of the Iowa State Capitol on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021 in Des Moines. Gov. Reynolds highlighted in the address expansion of broadband internet, a push for in-person learning, and economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Opinion | Local leaders and schools deserve their powers

Hannah Pinski, Opinions Editor June 15, 2021

Local government and Iowa schools are in trouble as Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds and the Republican party have chipped away at their fundamental powers. From attempts to control the police budgets to...

Photo Illustration by Raquele Decker.

Opinion | Manufacturing an inflation crisis

Shahab Khan, Opinions Columnist June 15, 2021

The hyper-inflation hawks have returned. Iowa Republicans, chief amongst them Sen. Joni Ernst, have begun to bang the gavel about how a looming inflation crisis will harm American families because...

Anti-mask protesters stand in the rotunda of the Iowa State Capitol building before the opening of the 2021 legislative session on Monday, Jan. 11, 2021. Despite Gov. Kim Reynold’s emergency proclamation mandating masks worn when social distancing indoors is not possible, house republicans made the announcement last week that masks would not be required during the session.

Opinion | It’s up to all of us to increase political freedom of speech on campus

Ally Pronina, Opinions Columnist June 14, 2021

My former professor said any kid who identifies as gay or lesbian and grows up in a conservative household will be oppressed. This accusation makes it seem like you cannot be queer and conservative,...

Medical syringe of vaccine injection

Opinion | The Covaxin and Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccines should count at universities that require it

Luke Krchak, Opinions Writer June 13, 2021

Imagine sitting at your desk finishing the final words of your essay, believing that this will be the most stressful moment in your college career. However, you find that the biggest stressor is...

Photo by Kate Heston

Senior Column | It’s the people, not the newsroom

Sarah Watson, Executive Editor May 11, 2021

I’ve always been uncomfortable touting my own accomplishments. But for The Daily Iowan team, I’ll cheer until my voice is hoarse. And that team atmosphere is what I’ve cherished, and how...

Photo by Katie Goodale

Senior Column | Finding purpose through the arts

Madison Lotenschtein, Arts Editor May 11, 2021

I had never given much thought about why I love to write or why I became a journalist. It was simply an unnarrated decision, a path I walked down without a purpose. But the past four years at The Daily...

Photo by Kate Heston.

Senior Column | Thank you, Daily Iowan

Alexandra Skores, Managing Editor May 10, 2021

Ever since I was little, I wanted to tell a story. My mom will laugh when she reads this, but when I was in elementary school, I wrote my first book, titled, “Where are the puppies?” It was...

Editorial | To new beginnings, for all of us

Editorial | To new beginnings, for all of us

DI Editorial Board May 10, 2021

Roughly 5,300 Hawkeyes will get their diplomas this year, and wow are we ready for it. For Hawkeyes in their last year at the University of Iowa, this May marks new beginnings. But this month, characterized...

Photo by Katie Goodale (Contributed by Julia Shanahan).

Senior Column | Grateful to be a DI alum

Julia Shanahan, Politics Editor May 10, 2021

If you had told me when I first walked into The Daily Iowan newsroom four years ago that I would eventually stand face-to-face with Joe Biden for an interview about his sexual assault allegations,...

Photo of Shivansh Ahuja. Contributed.

Senior Column | It’s good to be different

Shivansh Ahuja, Senior Photojournalist May 10, 2021

As photojournalists, we’re taught to look at everything in front of us through a lens. We’re taught to press a button at the right place and the right time. We’re taught to not make it too bright...

Senior column | Telling others’ stories shaped my own

Senior column | Telling others’ stories shaped my own

Brooklyn Draisey, Projects reporter May 9, 2021

If you asked me in high school what I expected from my future as a college journalist, I would’ve said I could cover complex problems affecting my new home. I definitely wouldn’t have mentioned...

Senior Column | ‘R&R’ How the pandemic shaped law school applications

Senior Column | ‘R&R’ How the pandemic shaped law school applications

Evan Mantler, Opinions Columnist May 9, 2021

As a junior in college preparing to apply to law school, I never anticipated how massively the pandemic would affect my life, particularly during this year’s law school admissions process. I’m...

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