Letter to the Editor | Abolish daylight saving time

Iowa City resident Mike Schluckebier on why daylight saving time should be abolished.


As Chris Klepach indicates in his Nov. 12 column, switching clocks and adjusting to or away from daylight saving time wreaks havoc on our society twice per year. 

But he argues for permanently enacting daylight saving time to end the interruption of Americans’ sleep schedules, when in fact it would be far healthier and more beneficial for our society to ban it. 

Not only did America attempt Chris’s experiment of permanent daylight saving time — it was roundly rejected in 1974, for who wants to see the sun rise as late as 8:33 a.m. in Iowa City? 

But the health benefits of actually aligning our body’s clocks with standard time are far more numerous. 

Instead of creating what is essentially an artificial day as daylight saving time does, if people are concerned about twice yearly clock changes, then they should support permanent standard time instead.

  • Mike Schluckebier, Iowa City, IA

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