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Letter to the Editor | Who IC Mayor Teague supports for council and why not Laura Bergus

Iowa City Mayor Bruce Teague says he does not support Laura Bergus for the election on Tuesday.
Jerod Ringwald
Iowa City Mayor Bruce Teague speaks to the crowd during ‘Downtown at Sundown’ for a Juneteenth celebration in Iowa City on Friday, June 17, 2022.

The Iowa City Council Election is on Tuesday, and I encourage everyone to vote.

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to share who I am voting for and why.

Councilor Pauline Taylor (District A) – stands up for worker rights, affordable housing and is passionate about ensuring funding for our social service agencies – including funding needed for unhoused and individuals in crisis.

-Mazahir Salih – (At Large) – as former Mayor ProTem during 2020 she helped our city through various challenges. She’s also a human rights advocate.

-Joshua Moe – (At Large) – is well-rounded, compassionate, and will work with the community to enhance our city unique qualities.

Councilor Andrew Dunn – (District C) – he’s energetic, thinks outside of the box and wants to ensure all voices feel heard, including our youth.

Although I love and respect Councilor Bergus, I will not support her by voting for her in this Tuesday’s election. I disagree with the position Councilor Bergus laid out in a Gazette op-ed on May 9, 2021, titled “We Need to Talk about Abolishing the Police in Iowa City.”

Quote for her article: “Only systemic changes can solve systemic problems.  As a council member, I believe local government must be part of the solution.  Even without knowing exactly what should replace policing as we know it, we must try something different”.  She ends article by saying “I hope Iowa City will imagine and reach for a future without police”.

Earlier this year during budget discussions Councilor Bergus confirmed this stance by voting against all city services because no other councilor voted to defund the police $1.6 million.

That’s how I’m voting and why. I encourage everyone to research candidates to see how they stack up on issues that are important to individuals. Make your voices heard on Election Day.

  • Iowa City Mayor Bruce Teague

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Jerod Ringwald, Creative Director
Jerod Ringwald is the Creative Director at The Daily Iowan. He is a senior at the University of Iowa majoring in journalism and cinema. He was previously a managing editor this past summer as well as a former photo editor. During his sophomore year, he worked as a photojournalist covering news and sports.