Photos: 2022 general election – Johnson County watch parties

Attendees and supporters joined Democratic and Republican candidates for watch parties during Election Day on Tuesday. Democrats held their watch party at Big Grove Brewery and Taproom, while Republican community members met at the Johnson County Republican house on Melrose Avenue.

Democratic Candidates for seats on the Johnson County Board of Supervisors, Jon Green and V Fixmer-Oraiz beat out Republican candidates Phil Hemingway and Jammie Bradshaw. Green won 63 percent of the vote while Fixmer-Oraiz won 57 percent.

Democratic candidate for Iowa’s first congressional district Christina Bohannan spoke at Big Grove at the end of the night. Bohannan’s opponent, Mariannette Miller-Meeks is leading the race with 158,421 votes, trailing Miller-Meeks by 20,000, at the end of Tuesday.

“We have to carry on. You know, don’t be discouraged. Don’t be discouraged. I know some of the results tonight have been discouraging but don’t give up,” Bohannan said. “We have to pick ourselves up dust ourselves on and we must carry on.”

Iowa House Democrats Elinor Levin and Adam Zabner won seats in both District 89 and District 90, respectively. Democrat Janice Weiner won a seat in the Iowa State Senate after defeating Republican Harold Weilbrenner for District 45.