Letter to the Editor | An open letter to Iowans

Coralville resident, Leann Cortimiglia, on Gov. Kim Reynolds campaign advertisement.


Equal rights are a hallmark of this state. No matter your creed, religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation, you are Iowans. 

Gov. Kim Reynolds, in her closing general election ad, would have you think otherwise. She encourages Iowans – through the ad’s racist and transphobic overtones – to think that some are better than others. 

As a nurse, I’ve witnessed the physical results of leaders who punch down on our most vulnerable citizens. 

“Iowans know the difference between boys and girls” is damaging and dangerous. Words have power and can result in literal harm to others, as we have all witnessed. People elected to public office serve every single Iowan. Pull that ad now. 

  • Leann Cortimiglia, Coralville Iowa

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