Snow on the Beach

Hannah Pinski, Executive Editor

Snow on the Beach

I know my song choice may be a hot take for some Swifities, but hear me out. 

Do I wish Lana Del Rey had her own verse or was featured more in the highly anticipated song? Yes, I do. But as someone who isn’t a die-hard Lana Del Rey fan, her absence didn’t stop me from loving the song. 

Many of the album’s hits like “Midnight Rain” and “Question…?” center around a lost love and the emotional turmoil that follows it.

But “Snow on the Beach” is about the exact opposite. It’s a ballad about two people falling in love with each other at the same time and the beauty of the moment when you realize someone feels the exact way you do.

The ballad’s theme is evident through the lyrics such as “time can’t stop me quite like you did” and “can this be a real thing, can it?”

Not only does the lyricism complement the song’s message, but it’s also evident through its backdrop. The slower tempo and softer instrumentation highlight the dreamy aspect of being in love and even make it a contender for a song you can slow dance to in the kitchen with your partner.  

In fact, the song is almost comparable to “1989’s” “You Are In Love” track — an album with musical features hinted to throughout Swift’s “Midnights.” 

But the stark contrast between the two songs is that “You Are In Love” focuses on the experience of falling in love while “Snow on the Beach” is about the feeling of it. 

While “Snow on the Beach” isn’t as lyrically complex as Swift’s other songs, the simplicity of the ballad does offer a break in the album’s themes of heartbreak and maturity.