On the Record: March 19, 2021


In this episode of “On the Record” host Eleanor Hildebrandt and co-producer Hailey Marx sat down with DI reporters to get an in-depth look at their stories and talk this week’s headlines.

News reporter Sabine Martin discusses her story about University of Iowa administrator Rod Lehnertz, who is an announcer for Iowa wrestling. The Daily Iowan released a special section this week reflecting on the past year and how the pandemic has impacted the UI and Iowa City community. Executive editor Sarah Watson talks about the letter from the editor she wrote addressing DI readers and a story about how vaccine development has changed over the year. Managing editor Caleb McCullough talks about his story on how businesses in Iowa City have been impacted financially by COVID-19. Finally, we hear from Katie Ann McCarver, a copy editor and former news editor, about her story discussing the financial toll the pandemic has taken on the UI and how enrollment has been affected.

Hosted by Eleanor Hildebrandt. Edited by Eleanor Hildebrandt and Hailey Marx.

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