Iowa City Regina teacher charged with having sex with student, minor

Cody LaKose has been charged with sexual exploitation of a minor during his time teaching science at DeWitt High School.


Darren Chen

The Regina catholic school sign is seen in front of the building on Feb. 9, 2022.

Jami Martin-Trainor, Assistant Digital Editor

An Iowa City Regina Catholic High School teacher is accused of having sex with a minor during his time teaching at Central DeWitt High School in DeWitt, Iowa. 

Cody LaKose, 37, was arrested and escorted off the Regina High School campus on Tuesday morning, according to a letter sent out to the Regina community from Superintendent Lynne Devaney and Jr/Sr High Principal Glenn Plummer. 

LaKose is facing charges of one count of sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of sexual exploitation by a school employee, both of which are felony charges. LaKose was also charged with three aggravated misdemeanor charges of sexual exploitation by a school employee. 

The letter explained the situation to families, stating that current evidence does not suggest any illegal activity on the Regina campus. 

Plummer and Devaney also wrote about the hiring process for LaKose, stating that the former teacher went through the traditional paths and background checks required to secure his position at Regina. 

“Following regular hiring protocols, Regina conducted a candidate interview, reference checks, and a review of records with the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners,” the letter states.

Since the arrest warrant was issued, LaKose’s profile on Regina’s faculty directory has been removed, along with Facebook posts including LaKose. LaKose was escorted off  Regina’s campus on Tuesday and was placed on administrative leave. 

The police affidavit reported that LaKose had a sexual relationship with the student on school grounds and sent explicit messages to the victim on Twitter. The victim also stated that she received “nudes” from LaKose before turning 18 years old.

The affidavit states the victim was able to tie messages to LaKose with his phone number and his Twitter account, @mrLaKose.

There is currently a temporary no-contact order between LaKose and the reported victim. 

The investigation opened on March 2, 2022, and the police affidavit was filed March 20. LaKose was actively teaching at Regina while the investigation was open. 

The affidavit states the victim was worried other students were being targeted by LaKose after his departure from DeWitt High School.

“The victim feared that Lakose could be targeting and grooming students in his current teaching position,” the affidavit states.

DeWitt High School Superintendent Dan Peterson sent an email to parents and members of the school community on Tuesday informing them of LaKose’s charges.

The Quad-City Times reported that LaKose was asked to resign from DeWitt High School halfway through the 2018 school year. In the separation agreement between LaKose and DeWitt, DeWitt agreed to provide LaKose with letters of reference for future employment.

The reason for LaKose’s requested resignation is unknown. Multiple calls made to DeWitt’s superintendent by The Daily Iowan were sent to voicemail.

According to LaKose’s LinkedIn page, LaKose was employed at the Cedar Rapids Community School District for a year and a half after resigning from DeWitt. The DI also made calls to the Cedar Rapids Community School District but was sent to voicemail.

LaKose had been teaching science at Iowa City’s Regina Catholic High School for the past three years. 

“Please know the Regina staff care deeply for the well-being and protection of our students,” the letter from Regina reads. “In our best efforts to support our students through this difficult time, we will have counselors and administrators available for those who need assistance.”