Go out

Katie Perkins, Opinions Contributor

It is everyone’s least favorite time of year. Cars are trapped under thick piles of snow. My socks are wet. Icicles line the tree branches. Birds never chirp. Dirt and slush accumulate in the foyer.

Morning turns to evening without warning, which doesn’t allot any time to leisurely walk or watch a pretty sunset fill the brief gap in between. I want to sleep until it’s summertime, but I have to go to work, to class, and to the grocery store.

I’m not trying to be negative. I know that winter comes with many lovely things, like warm beverages, the winter Olympics, and holidays. But I think it is fair to say that it is an inconvenience at least some of the time. We all could use a break from it.

Winter is supposed to end in February, but the Midwest doesn’t like to follow weather rules. It is usually still cold in March. And even if it’s not cold, it is not warm. Spring break typically falls right in the middle of March — the perfect time for a getaway.

Going away somewhere can be relaxing. Spring break does not have to mean partying on a beach or ski slope. There are books to be read and conversations to be had.

I find myself feeling trapped when I am cooped up in one place for too long. Planning a spring break trip is something to look forward to during the stressful midterms season. It is rejuvenating to be surrounded by new scenery.

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