Stay In

Kyle Tristan Ortega, Opinions Columnist

What is the best thing about spring break? You get a week off class. And what better way is there to spend that week off than to stay at home and relax? Nothing, really.

Think about it. Depending on your schedule, it is likely that you have been going out at least four days a week since the spring semester began.

Spring break is the one week where you’re allowed to not go out at all, so make the most of it.

There are many possible reasons to choose staying home over going out on a vacation or trip.

First, you would save money. You wouldn’t be paying for gas, tickets, restaurant food, and other miscellaneous fees you get from outside activities. As college students, saving whenever we can is important.

In addition to monetary savings, you would save your energy as well. Planning trips or nights out and following through on them can be physically taxing, which is counterintuitive to what a break is supposed to be.

A break is supposed to be a time you spend relaxing, rejuvenating, and thinking of nothing at all except rest. Staying home is the most conducive activity for that. Therefore, staying home over spring break would be the best thing to do.

You should stay home for spring break. It can be argued that more fun is to be had going out, but it comes at a cost — literally and figuratively. By staying home, you would save money and energy.

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