Naomi Rivera Morales, Opinions Columnist

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Laptops should be allowed in classrooms.

Quick notetaking in a university atmosphere is crucial. When it comes to gathering needed materials for someone’s studies, students are better off bringing a laptop to class rather than handwriting their notes.

You are more likely to miss important points during a lesson when handwriting your notes. This often leads students to moments of stress because they are not able to gather what they need in a timely manner. With these worries in mind, the lesson often fades into the background.

By typing your notes, you can jot down what you need in a timely manner. If the notes are messy or out of order in the beginning, the editing process is quick and easy.

In previous years, I have gone through several instances where my handwriting had been too messy to read after class. This often led to an inadequate amount of information for my studies.

Taking notes by laptop also allows students to easily store and access notes. There is no need to worry about bringing the wrong notebook to class or losing it along with pens or any other writing utensil.

Once a student’s notes are taken, they will have the opportunity to go back and easily look them over. They will then be able to exercise their memory by pulling out a notebook at home and writing what they remember from their notes. This process can be repeated until the information is fully retained.

Being able to gather and take the notes that you need is an important first step in one’s studies. If a student is too busy worrying about jotting everything down, it can jeopardize their performance in the classroom and during their study hours.