Gabriel Arboleda, Opinions Contributor

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Laptops should not be opened during class unless advised by the professor.

Although necessary for homework, communication, and research, laptops in the classroom serve as a distraction to the student and those around them.

When a professor is giving a lecture, it is important for students to listen. An open laptop can make it difficult for a student to fully understand the curriculum.

A laptop offers multiple outlets that can redirect the student’s attention away from the class that is going on around them. With the multitude of applications and options that are offered, there are so many ways that a student can be distracted. A few outlets include search engines, videos, emails, streaming services, games, shopping, and other work unrelated to the class.

Aside from distracting the individual student who decided to pull up their own laptop, students around them can also have their attention redirected to the activity on the screen. Attention can be redirected by an image on the screen that greatly contrasts with what can be seen around it. Things such as movement and brightness can cause any number of students behind the screen to be distracted.

Laptops should be used as a tool to improve learning activities and communication. Thus, it is important for the student to know when and where they should be utilized and what they are utilizing them for.

As a student, it is important to keep in mind that the classroom is a space where people go to learn and listen. We must recognize that an open laptop in a classroom can hinder the listening and learning process.