IMU to undergo renovations to address student needs

The planned renovations aim to bring a center for student care and support services to the main campus.


Gabby Drees

The Iowa Memorial Union is seen at the University of Iowa on Sunday, Aug. 28, 2022.

Sofia Mamakos, News Reporter

As the Iowa Memorial Union approaches its 100th year on campus, University of Iowa administrators announced plans for renovations to transform into a center for student use and mental health care services.

The UI announced Thursday that the renovations are scheduled to begin in summer 2024 and cost an estimated $63.7 million as part of the university’s 10-year master plan

According to the plan, phase two of the renovations will cost $17.4 million. Funding for the project will primarily be covered by a new student fee of $100 to $120 per semester. The new fee will take effect around the time that construction begins.

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The features of the new facility will include:

  • A combination of clinical health services​ 
  • Mental health counseling​ 
  • Wellness programs 
  • Student care resources
  • Updates and additions to meeting spaces, ballrooms, multipurpose rooms, and food service options.

The university will close down the Iowa House Hotel located in the IMU at the end of 2023 and replace it with the newly renovated center.