Sophia Meador, Opinions Editor

As college students, we’re not always on our best behavior.

Most college students find little time to unravel amid the meetings, lectures, study groups, and late nights.

Although there is no denying that party culture is a prevalent part of the typical college experience, the promotion of party culture on social media can be harmful.

Unaffiliated UI Instagram accounts like @barstooluiowa, @iowachicks, @yikyakiowa, and @fridaybeersiowa post UI students on their worst behavior. These posts include intoxicated students stumbling across downtown Iowa City and individuals making regrettable choices at the bars.

According to a 2019 survey by the UI, almost 48 percent of undergraduates reported engaging in high-risk drinking in the previous two weeks.

Although drinking is a standard practice for college students, this behavior is dangerous to promote on social platforms. Promoting over-intoxication and risky behavior can normalize this conduct.

Over-intoxication can increase violent behavior. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimates 696,000 college students ages 18-24 are assaulted by another student who are drinking. Likewise, the majority of sexual assaults in college involve alcohol or other substances.

It can be argued that students are responsible for their behavior and being featured on these platforms are a consequence of their actions. But let’s not forget that party culture is nothing new. Cell phones were not available to document every misstep we make in generations before us.

I’m not arguing against party culture. What you do in your free time is your choice. But sharing posts with large social media accounts that promote dangerous behaviors is unnecessary to your college experience.

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