Shahab Khan, Opinions Columnist

Hawkeye football is not fun to watch given its struggles on offense and difficult schedule. For that reason, I could see a lot of University of Iowa students who are not the most diehard Hawkeye question why they let their friends convince them to buy student football tickets.

Let me be the first to tell you those student tickets were worth it, and you should go out of your way to purchase more next year. Even if you do not care about Iowa Hawkeye football, it is absolutely imperative that you get season football tickets simply because they are a lucrative money-making opportunity.

The cost for student tickets is $165 for seven home games, a number that at first seems high. However, when one stops and thinks about the resale value of these tickets, there is an opportunity to make some real cash.

For example, tickets for the Iowa-Michigan home game sold for as much as $100 each. For Iowa-Iowa State, some students I knew sold their tickets for $150 — almost the price they paid for the seven home tickets in the first place.

In short, if a student places their ticket on resale markets, then that student would see astronomical profits and have spending money they could use on themselves. Even if you want to go to one or two games with your friends and sell the rest of your tickets, you will make a killer profit off sales. So even if you despise football, you can buy season tickets and sell them.