Style Guide: It’s Game Day

Arts Reporter Anaka Sanders creates a game-day outfit that is ready for this weekend’s return to Iowa Hawkeye Football.


Grace Kreber

Anaka Sanders poses in game day gear in front of Kinnick Stadium on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2022.

Anaka Sanders, Arts Reporter

As Taylor Swift once said, August slipped away into a moment in time — right into football season. We are on the brink of fall, yet the sun will still beam down on Kinnick Stadium this Saturday for the home opener against South Dakota State University. There is a dress code when it comes to cheering on the Hawkeyes: black and gold. 

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I started the football-themed look with a black, Hawkeye-themed tank top. Any Iowa-themed shirt will be perfect for the occasion, though mine is from Iowa Book on South Clinton Street. University of Iowa attire is sure to last throughout a student’s entire career here; I know I’ve grown quite the collection. 

From there, I paired the Hawkeye tank with a white athletic skirt. Athletic skirts are all the rage this semester; I see someone wearing one at least twice a day. I got mine from Kohl’s back in the day, but other popular places to get them are Aerie, Lululemon, or Amazon. This skirt is great for game day because it’s comfortable to move in, yet fashionable enough for photos with friends. 

Between walking around tailgates, hiking to Kinnick Stadium from your dorm or apartment, and standing through a three-hour football game, a sensible pair of shoes is a must. My go-to is a pair of classic, white Nike Air Forces. They are comfortable and supportive, yet stylish and go with everything. 

To make any outfit a game-day outfit, accessorizing is a must. Rather than your typical necklaces and bracelets, I went for a foam finger. My yellow foam finger from the Iowa Memorial Union’s Hawk Shop is a favorite among my friends and is perfect for participating in the Hawkeye Wave. Along with the finger, I picked a few black and gold Mardi Gras beads and a homemade Iowa bracelet, staples for any football look. 

Grab your friends, sunscreen, and school spirit because one of the most wonderful times of the year is upon us: football season. This outfit will be sure to help lead the Hawkeyes right to their first victory.