One-on-one with Iowa offensive lineman Kyler Schott

Daily Iowan Sports Reporter Chris Werner caught up with Iowa offensive lineman Kyler Schott at Iowa football media availability on Oct. 12.


Chris Werner, Sports Reporter

The Daily Iowan: We’ll start with the fans. Would you rather play in front of a striped crowd, a blackout, or all gold?

Kyler Schott: Gotta go with blackout. I think it just sets a different tempo.

DI: So, as an offensive lineman, it seems like one of those positions in football where nobody really pays attention to it, at least the casual football fan. Do you kind of take ownership in that, like, you’re kind of in the trenches?

Schott: Yeah, absolutely, like, if we lose we’re gonna get blamed, maybe, and if we win, we won’t get any attention. And that’s something that we know, that’s something we embrace.

DI: Yeah, and what kind of drew you to Iowa out of high school? It seems like playing offensive line at Iowa is pretty special.

Schott: It was my only option. It was either here or DIII so I decided to go here.

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DI: Is playing offensive line at Iowa something different than maybe playing somewhere else. Obviously coach [Kirk] Ferentz is kind of an offensive line guy

Schott: I think there’s a lot of attention because of the history at Iowa. So there’s a lot of attention given to us for sure.

DI: And then, what’s one thing about playing offensive line that you wish the casual fan knew,  that they don’t pay attention to?

Schott: The physicality. What we go through down there in the trenches. I’d love for some people to experience that.

DI: Like what types of things?

Schott: Just getting hit on every play. Some guys get hit once every game they might come up banged up. We’re getting hit every play.

DI: And so, how’s the diet in season when you’re…

Schott: Eat all the time.

DI: And what’s, if someone tells you to put on weight, what do you go with? What are you purchasing at the grocery store?

Schott: A couple of cartons of eggs for sure. I eat probably a dozen eggs a day.

DI: And why is Iowa corn better than Nebraska corn?

Schott: That’s a great question. Because we have better people.

DI: And then, two more questions, Is there anybody you look up to in the NFL? Like watch highlights of or anybody like that?

Schott: Tristan Wirfs, best friend. I look up to him.

DI: And then last one, we are compiling a playlist of sad songs on the Iowa football team. Is there a song you listen to when you get really sad?

Schott: I don’t get sad. No, I’m a joyful guy.