On the Line: Week 7 game picks

The DI football staffs picks the Iowa-Illinois game and other matchups ahead this weekend.


Katina Zentz

Illinois running back Reggie Corbin catches a pass during the football game against Illinois on Saturday, November 23, 2019. The Hawkeyes defeated the Fighting Illini 19-10. Corbin rushed 38 yards throughout the game.

DI Staff

No. 19 Iowa vs. Illinois

Robert Read, Pregame Editor (14-15): Iowa — Five in a row.

Austin Hanson, Sports Editor (18-11): Iowa — Petras > Peters.

Isaac Goffin, Assistant Sports Editor (17-12): Iowa — Sorry, mom.

Chris Werner, Football Reporter (21-8): Iowa — iLLini.

Kade Overton, DITV Sports Director (15-14): Iowa — Is it too late to redo the first two games?

John Bohnenkamp, Sports Writing Coach (20-9): Iowa — Hopefully the Illini aren’t thrown off by the claps.

Jason Brummond, Publisher (21-8): Iowa —  All it takes to stop an offense is clapping. Who knew?

Guest picker Hannah Pinski, Opinions Columnist: Iowa — Land of Lincoln is going to become Land of Hawkeyes.


No. 12 Indiana vs. No. 16 Wisconsin

Read: Wisconsin — Really wish Penix Jr. was healthy.

Hanson: Wisconsin — No quarterback vs. nothing to play for.

Goffin: Wisconsin — The Badgers didn’t enjoy another week off.

Werner: Indiana — Wisconsin is kinda done already.

Overton: Indiana — Badgers? More like BADgers

Bohnenkamp: Wisconsin — The Badgers won’t need to clap.

Brummond: Wisconsin — Indiana is good, but not good enough without its starting QB.

Pinski: Indiana — They’re gonna badger Wisconsin on its home turf.


Nebraska vs. Purdue

Read: Nebraska — Maybe Nebraska has a reason to clap this game.

Hanson: Purdue — The Boilermakers don’t need mustaches to win football games.

Goffin: Purdue — Nebraska is an incoherent team.

Werner: Purdue — Gotta get those mustaches right before I can pick you.

Overton: Purdue — Purdue is going to do a lot of clapping.

Bohnenkamp: Purdue — Please, Boilermakers, don’t clap.

Brummond: Purdue — 👏

Pinski: Purdue — Big Red has been pretty small this season.


Maryland vs. Michigan 

Read: Maryland — I’ve picked Michigan too many times this season.

Hanson: Maryland — Maryland’s “M” logo is better than Michigan’s.

Goffin: Maryland — There’s a job for Jim Harbaugh in Detroit.

Werner: Maryland — Michigan just lost to the worst Penn State team ever.

Overton: Michigan — Is Harbaugh coaching for his job? Win.

Bohnenkamp: Maryland — Claps will echo through the Big House.

Brummond: Maryland — Harbaugh increasing his odds of getting that promotion to the NFL.

Pinski: Michigan — Wolverines will have a shell of a time against Maryland.


No. 5 Texas A&M vs. Auburn

Read: Texas A&M — Didn’t work out very well for either of these teams against Alabama.

Hanson: Texas A&M — I heard Auburn’s iron levels are low.

Goffin: Auburn — Ask me about the time I saw Auburn play.

Werner: Auburn — “Auburn’s gonna win the football game!”

Overton: Auburn — I just want a reason to cheer for Bo Nix.

Bohnenkamp: Texas A&M — Aggies may clap their way into the CFP.

Brummond: Texas A&M — Aggies haven’t been this good since Johnny Football.

Pinski: Texas A&M — Ya don’t mess with Texas.