Online classes allow students to have flexible schedules

Zohar Nadler, Opinion Columnist

I am a huge fan of online classes. Online classes allow me to have a more flexible schedule. I have more time to work, go to the gym, and have a social life. My study time is planned around the rest of my day rather than my day being planned around my classes. Another perk of online classes is that I can listen to online lectures at any time during the week when I have greater concentration.

Lectures can be inefficient for me. I find myself spacing out or feeling too small in a large class. With online classes, I can choose a work space where I am most comfortable. A more pleasant learning environment increases my focus while listening to online lectures. When I am focused in a comfortable environment, I retain a lot more knowledge from an online lecture rather than commuting to a class and sitting among many students.

In a tech-driven world, I am improving my technical skills with an online class. It is clear that the future will have a lot of technology, so I will need computer skills, such as knowing how to navigate a management system, to help me as I continue pursuing a profession.

All in all, I see online classes becoming more prevalent in the future. I feel that people are looking to be more efficient and manage their own time. Online classes allow me to do just that — have a flexible schedule. I manage my own study time, and the best part is I can study wherever I am as long as there is internet.

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