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JoCo finds 175 total health code violations in March

Across Iowa City and Coralville, 83 inspections resulted in 175 total violations; 65 businesses had at least one violation, some of which were corrected with the inspector on-site.
Sahithi Shankaiahgari
The Johnson County Health and Human Services building is seen on Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024.

The Johnson County Public Health Department completed its monthly inspections of local restaurants and food-related businesses. Officials reported 175 violations across 83 inspections.

From the inspected establishments, at least 65 establishments had one violation. These establishments had violations ranging from one to 13 violations.


Three Samurai, at 1801 Second St. in Coralville, had 13 violations, five of which were corrected while the inspector was on-site.

Most of the violations not fixed on-site regarded health and food safety agreements or procedures. Some of the employees in charge were not properly trained as food protection managers.

One violation regarded the person in charge as being unable to answer questions asked by the inspector as well as being unable to explain the relationship between food safety and equipment.

Another violation regarded food items requiring refrigeration in two prep coolers in the kitchen that were unable to maintain temperatures below the required temperatures.

Items were voluntarily discarded by employees and the inspector said no items will be allowed in the freezer until it is fixed or replaced.

In addition, though there were no verifiable health reporting agreements onsite, employees were able to demonstrate knowledge of reportable symptoms.

The rest of the violations in Coralville involved 23 other businesses or restaurants with over 60 violations total.

Iowa City

North Dodge Express, located at 2790 N. Dodge St. in Iowa City, had eight violations, three of which were corrected while the inspector was on-site.

One of the violations included debris built up on the bottom shelf of the one-door cooler as well as debris buildup on part of the ice machine.

The majority of the violations were food safety failures, including failed temperature checks or proper storage.

The facility also lacked visible health safety protocols, such as proper hand washing and bodily fluid cleanup as well as lacking an on-site certified food protection manager.

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Another restaurant in Iowa City, Pasta Baroncini, located at 535 Southgate Ave., had eight violations, five of which were resolved with the inspector on-site.

Two of the violations included missing soap from one of the sinks and missing hand-drying provision. These two were fixed with the inspector on-site.

Another food safety violation included expired food for dishes made in-house. These items were discarded by the person in charge.

In addition, many commercial items and several containers of prepared foods were found to lack open date markings.

In Iowa City, 28 other businesses and restaurants were given around 100 collective violations in March.

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