Johnson County Board of Supervisors discuss proposed budget for fiscal 2024

The proposed budget of $146.8 million was presented to the supervisors during a formal meeting on Wednesday, with a proposed date to vote on and adopt the budget set for May 11.


Averi Coffee

Chairperson Lisa Green-Douglass and Vice-chairperson Rod Sullivan laughing during the Johnson County Board of Supervisors meeting in the Johnson County Administration Building on Wednesday, April 19, 2023.

Alejandro Rojas, News Reporter

The Johnson County Board of Supervisors were presented with the budget for fiscal 2024, which will be approved at a later date pending a formal vote from the supervisors.

According to the document showing the proposed budget, total expenditures are projected to be $146.8 million, with the next fiscal year beginning July 1. The projected expenditures are an increase of around $8 million from last year’s budget, which was calculated to be $138.4 million.

The biggest expenditures for fiscal 2024 will be public safety and legal services at $34.2 million and capital projects at $27.3 million. This sees an increase over the previous year for public safety and legal services of around $2 million, while a decrease of roughly $9 million for capital projects.

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Other highlights of the next budget include:

  • $9 million to be provided to non-profit partners, agencies, and other government entities
  • $8.3 million for planned road construction and maintenance
  • $3 million for Conservation trail construction and maintenance

$9.6 million in federal American Rescue Plan Act relief dollars has also been budgeted for different projects in the fiscal year. 

Some of these funding projects include:

Under the proposed budget, the rural levy would be $3.68 per $1,000 of taxable property value, a decrease from last year of roughly one cent. The levy rate for individuals living in Iowa City will be roughly $6.06 per $1000 of taxable value, an increase of around two cents from the previous year.

The supervisors will vote at Thursday’s formal meeting to set a date for the vote to adopt the budget, with the proposed date of May 11.