Yasmina Sahir, Opinions Columnist

Student organizations are an important part of social and emotional development of young adults. Engagement in student organizations and activities can further develop self-awareness, self-management, and foster empathetic connections with others.

I recognize a few downsides to the number of student organizations on UI campus, especially in how resume building opportunities appear to drive these numbers more often than personal desire to assist in community development.

But that doesn’t outweigh the positive impact organizational memberships can have on socioemotional development for college students.

Campus organizations are spaces where students are encouraged to be themselves, make potential mistakes, miss deadlines, and use their experiences to grow in a supportive environment.

Some of my peers have mentioned the issue of over committing when they’re pressured to be involved. When classroom work increases and time feels like it’s running out, it may feel like there is no other option than to drop a commitment or two.

In my experience, many student organizations welcome conversations about needing some time. In spaces run by others who may be struggling with work-life balance, I have never had an organization tell me that stepping back isn’t an option or that there won’t be space for me when I feel ready to return.

From sports and wellness focused organizations to cultural, religious, or political groups, there is space for everyone in an organization on UI campus if students choose to seek out those opportunities.