Katie Perkins, Opinions Contributor

I can choose whether or not to get out of bed in the morning, put on my shoes, stuff my belongings into my backpack, and make my way to class.

There are days I may really want to choose not to go to class. But it is required, so I feel as though I have no choice at all. Maybe I feel a cold coming on but can’t make it to a doctor for a note, or I had to work extra late at my part-time job the night before. Sometimes I need some extra time to catch up on the overwhelming amount of homework I have been assigned in all six of my classes.

Regardless of the reason, the choice should be mine. I understand that going to class is beneficial in many ways. But burnout is real, many full-time students work jobs just to make ends meet, and you can’t always predict illnesses well enough to get a university approved absence.

The requirement to attend class can negatively affect grades and cause a great deal of stress for students that are under enough already. Many students who are not able to attend every single class are still deserving of a decent grade and work very hard to try and maintain one.

We are adults. We are choosing to further our education. Therefore, we should also be given the choice to attend class or not without it being detrimental to our grades.

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