The optimist

Shahab Khan, Opinions Columnist

 With the world finally beginning to open back up, 2023 is a year that I and most people (I hope) will be looking forward to. Here is a list of things that I think will happen next year:

The Federal Reserve will finally start to lower interest rates. Monetary policy is the most impactful policy tool because it has direct implications on the economy and therefore people’s lives. Basically, by raising interest rates, the Federal Reserve is attempting to lower the rate of inflation. However, this policy tool could inadvertently cause a recession. My hope is that inflation will subside to the point where the Fed can stop raising rates and hold off inflation

There will be a peaceful resolution to the war in Ukraine. Russia’s attempt at imperialism in Ukraine has caused immense amounts of suffering, as hundreds of thousands of civilians have died. The Ukrainians have fought bravely and have pushed Russia out of most major population centers and regions, although Russia still has control of Crimea and a couple of other oblasts east of the Donets River. However, as Russian casualties begin to mount and the effects of sanctions take its toll, Russia will be forced to withdraw and sue for peace.

I will get a job and a dog. This one is self-explanatory; I am graduating and really want financial security and a puppy because they are really cute.

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