Evan Weidl, Opinions Columnist

Houses provide various benefits that apartments do not.

Renting houses is more convenient for car owners. Those who rent apartments often must pay hundreds of dollars for a parking pass or battle for parking spots on the street. Those with houses have the benefit of driveways and garages.

In an apartment, having to muster up quarters every time you need to do laundry can be a huge inconvenience. Having free access to laundry machines is an overlooked yet major benefit of living in a house.

Additionally, houses offer more privacy. With a house, you don’t have to hear your upstairs neighbors blasting music at 2 a.m. — you don’t have to worry as much about bothering your neighbors, nor about them bothering you.

Privacy is an important benefit to living in a house. Millennials cited privacy as the biggest reason why they rented a house as opposed to an apartment, according to the Urban Land Institute. Houses are generally quieter than apartment buildings, which is a significant advantage if you want a place free of noise to study or relax.

Houses also offer more space, with bigger kitchens, bigger living rooms, and front and back yards to make the living experience notably better. Having more space means more space for movement, storage, and guests.

The pains of accessing an apartment are also notable. Having to carry heavy things up multiple flights of stairs or waiting for an elevator in a rush can be incredibly frustrating.

Apartments certainly have their own advantages, but houses outweigh them in convenience and value.

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