Letter to the Editor | The government is spending recklessly

Coralville resident Robert Van Every reflects on government spending.


I am a lifelong Republican, and here is my position on government spending by the Biden administration. 

We are deep into a pandemic, and COVID-19 is public enemy no. 1. Fighting it requires major spending that was unplanned and contributes a great spike in government spending and inflation. I get it. That can’t be helped. 

The Russian excursion into imperialism has dented world economies, resulting in blistering energy inflation and massive spending to support Ukraine. This was not foreseeable, and I get that.

Hurricane Ian was another unplanned expense that created material shortages and mayhem to the economy and will result in massive unplanned government spending that is already bound to result in higher taxes. It is necessary for our government to be instrumental in the remedy for the hurricane damage. I get that too.

What I can’t overlook is reckless spending by the administration in the face of the unplanned. 

One example is the President’s pledge to fund charging stations throughout the country for electric cars. Let the industry solve that problem. Grocery stores, major travel stops, etc. are already installing those as part of their business model. For the government to provide this gift is a vivid example of reckless spending. Why should taxpayers be required to provide a subsidy to people who buy $70,000 electric cars?

Another example is the proposal to provide relief for student debt. Lenders provided loans to students in good faith, and students who were reckless in their borrowing, or are weary of the financial load they accepted should be held accountable. Transferring their student debt to become MY student debt is not acceptable, and government payments to satisfy all those lenders is just reckless government spending.

With all the unforeseeable drains to our economy, continued reckless spending by the Biden administration is not acceptable.

  • Robert Van Every, Coralville, IA

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