Letter to the Editor | Vote Hai Huynh for Coralville City Council

Hai Huynh has a people-first lens that Coralville needs.


I’ve lived in Coralville for 27 years. The town has reinvented itself during that time. The mall isn’t new anymore, Iowa River Landing is a beautiful attraction, and Applebee’s sits where I rented an apartment one summer. My neighbors in Coralville are different too. I feel enriched by the exploding diversity of people I encounter here.

Coralville has more changes coming. Several of our neighbors live in substandard homes, and some neighborhoods face environmental hazards the city needs to fix. Folks living in these neighborhoods historically are not well-represented in places of power.

This vulnerability means our leaders need a different approach to implement solutions in those neighborhoods. They need to build trust with residents before taking action, and ensure their voices are heard.

This is why Hai Huynh should be reelected to the City Council. Hai filters all council decisions through a people-first lens. She demonstrates daily at the Food Pantry that she is highly skilled at connecting with people and creating trusting relationships. We have a new Coralville, and it deserves a new approach to working with residents.

To learn more about Hai’s vision for Coralville, visit www.haiforcoralville.com.

-Diana Boeglin, Coralville Resident

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