Englert’s Andre Perry to assume leadership role for UI’s DEI team

Andre Perry, who will soon depart as the Englert Theatre’s executive director, will take up a his new role at the UI in September.


Contributed portrait of Andre Perry

Josie Fischels, Managing Editor

The University of Iowa announced this morning a new addition to its Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: the Englert Theatre’s Andre Perry.

Perry, a graduate of the UI’s Nonfiction Writing Program, will join the team on Sept. 22 as the division’s senior advisor, as well as the director of arts, engagement, and inclusion, according to a release from the UI.

On Tuesday, the Englert announced Perry would leave his role as executive director at the theater for other opportunities. Perry will continue in the role until Sept. 13.

“In this new position, Perry will increase the university’s DEI engagement efforts by leveraging the transformative power of arts and culture to grow a unified campus climate,” the university’s release stated.

Perry had previously served as Englert’s executive director for 11 years.

“We are very excited to have Andre join our team to help shape the culture of our campus,” said Associate Vice President for DEI Liz Tovar in the release. “This position is unique and in Andre, we have the person who can immediately build our engagement strategy through his deep university and community relationships.”

According to the release, Perry will provide oversight on campus climate surveys and aid the division in supervising programs, conversations, and policy improvements.

“I am so excited to be a member of the division,” Perry said in the release. “The depth of talent, experience and diverse perspectives on this team is off-the-charts. I am also grateful for Dr. Tovar’s vision in understanding the importance arts and culture have for our institution’s DEI efforts.”