Letter to the Editor | Gov. Kim Reynolds is enabling voter suppression

Reynolds is more concerned about allegiance to her party than democracy.


Hannah Kinson

Gov. Kim Reynolds listens during a conference at the GuideLink Center in Iowa City on Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021. The new crisis center is a collaborative project between the Johnson County Board of Supervisors and community partners, and focuses on providing mental health and substance use care. It will have a soft opening on Monday.

The unfortunate celebration of International Women’s Day this week was met with a major and insulting blow to one woman in particular, Susan B. Anthony. This amazing woman risked her life to demonstrate one incredibly strong and fundamental belief —everyone’s voice matters.

And to make it matter, that’s where voting exists, to express that voice. But this past weekend, another woman, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, used a complete lack of leadership and compassion by passing a bill to further the country’s inane call for continued voter suppression. This has nothing to do with party affiliation, but the valued right of all Americans to have their voices heard in any election.

Yet this woman puts forth only allegiance not to the people and their rights, but to her crumbling political party. The changing times are truly showing that the largest changes needed are actual leadership. Let’s hope this country and the state of Iowa will see the necessary changes.

Chris Dunlay, Waterloo, Iowa native

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