On the Line: Week 3

The DI football staff picks games from this weekend’s slate, including Iowa’s matchup with Michigan State.


Katie Goodale

Iowa Defensive Tackle Daviyon Nixon raises his fist as the Hawkeyes take to their home field for the first time in the season during the Iowa v Northwestern football game at Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020. The Wildcats defeated the Hawkeyes 21-20.

DI Staff

Michigan State vs. Iowa

Robert Read, Pregame Editor (2-8): Iowa — I mean, maybe?

Austin Hanson, Sports Editor (5-5): Michigan State — I’m going to regret this pick later, aren’t I?

Isaac Goffin, Assistant Sports Editor (4-6): Michigan State — Will this help Iowa?

Chris Werner, Football Reporter (6-4): Iowa — Third time’s the charm, right?

Kade Overton, DITV Sports Director (2-8): Iowa — Iowa being 0-3 isn’t possible.

John Bohnenkamp, Sports Writing Coach (5-5): Iowa — Can the Hawkeyes snap out of their funk?

Jason Brummond, Publisher (7-3): Iowa —  Fool me three times… I’m an idiot.

Guest picker —  Brooklyn Draisey, Projects Editor: Michigan State — Nothing gives me as much joy as texting my family “How’s it going?” in the fourth quarter, after they’ve given up hope of Iowa winning.

No. 23 Michigan vs. No. 13 Indiana

Read: Michigan — Win or go home, Jim Harbaugh.

Hanson: Indiana — the Hoosiers will be better at football than they are at basketball this year.

Goffin: Indiana — My great uncle went to Indiana

Werner: Michigan — This ain’t Hoosiers.

Overton: Indiana — Are they really ranked No. 13???

Bohnenkamp: Indiana — I believe in the Hoosiers.

Brummond: Indiana — Exhibit #463 on why 2020 is weird.

Draisey: Indiana — This ain’t the Big House.

No. 8 Florida vs. No. 5 Georgia

Read: Georgia — Imagine how much better this team would be if it still had Justin Fields.

Hanson: Florida — The Gators will pick up a win fighting out of the blue corner this week.

Goffin: Georgia — No fighting allowed.

Werner: Georgia — Hey look, mom, I made it to the Georgia-Florida line.

Overton: Florida — It’s always Tebow Time.

Bohnenkamp: Georgia — Always a great rivalry.

Brummond: Florida — This week has been all about Florida.

Draisey: Florida — A bulldog would have no chance of beating a gator, and that’s a fact.

No. 1 Clemson vs. No. 4 Notre Dame

Read: Clemson — Notre Dame winning the ACC in football would be very 2020.

Hanson: Notre Dame — Without Trevor Lawrence, Clemson is an average team.

Goffin: Clemson — Death Valley is coming to South Bend.

Werner: Notre Dame — I mean, Clemson almost lost to Boston College, that’s not even a university.

Overton: Clemson — Who needs Trevor Lawrence when you have the second-best QB in the country.

Bohnenkamp: Notre Dame — Irish are at home, Clemson is missing its star.

Brummond: Notre Dame — I triple-checked to make sure Trevor Lawrence isn’t playing.

Draisey: Notre Dame — Looks like all of Notre Dame’s dreams have come true.

No. 9 BYU vs. No. 21 Boise State

Read: BYU — Just throwing it out there… gold turf in Kinnick.

Hanson: BYU — Who would ever play college football on a Friday?

Goffin: BYU — Went to Provo this summer and it’s beautiful.

Werner: BYU — Boise isn’t a state, even I know that.

Overton: Boise State — No way they lose on a blue field.

Bohnenkamp: Boise State — The blue turf is always dangerous.

Brummond: BYU — BYU enters CFP conversation on the blue turf.

Draisey: Boise State — Dad joke incoming: Boise State wins big, and that’s not BS.