Letter to the Editor | Hypocrisy must know no bounds!

Bruce Harreld’s criticisms of the community are laughable considering his lack of action.


Nichole Harris

University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld addresses members of UISG virtually at the first University of Iowa Student Government Meeting on Tuesday, August 25, 2020. (Nichole Maryse Harris/The Daily Iowan)

I just read the open letter from Bruce Harreld to the Iowa City community and it’s definitely a funny read! 

You seriously think this governor’s “proclamations” mean anything coming from a governor who would not even issue shelter-in-place nor mandatory mask requirements in line with any CDC recommendations and following suit for all other states also in the red/danger zone? That’s seriously hilarious! 

Especially since your own university administration was not even prepared for your first cases of COVID amongst incoming students. Your administration, weeks later, had to issue an apology because it was not living up to its responsibilities of being ready to handle the situation. 

And now you have the audacity to criticize the rest of the community for doing no less than yourself?   Hypocrisy must be running so deep these days!  The terrible leadership that oversees the entire state of Iowa is what now prevents me from being able to even see my family without threat of self-quarantine.  

At least we can see forms of leadership that actually have compassion and logic for relating to their constituents.  Leadership is a relationship and the leadership governing Iowa has the lowest approval rating for a reason.

—Chris Dunlay, Iowa City community member

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