Till ‘next man up’ in Iowa lineup after Pemsl suspension

With Cordell Pemsl suspended against Indiana following an arrest earlier in the week, Riley Till is expected to see significant minutes against the Hoosiers.


Emily Wangen

Iowa forward Riley Till prepares to shoot the ball during a basketball game against Kennesaw State University on Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019 at Carver Hawkeye Arena. The Hawkeyes defeated the Owls, 93-51.

Robert Read, Sports Editor

Mistakes happened — now it’s about paying the consequences.

Iowa forward Cordell Pemsl was arrested early Monday morning for driving with a revoked license. He lost his license due to an OWI charge he received in September.

Pemsl will miss Iowa’s contest tonight against Indiana as a result.

“He recognized immediately that he’d made a big mistake,” Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery said. “If you have a suspended license, don’t drive — it’s pretty simple. College kids get hungry; he wanted to go to McDonald’s. It’s very close to his house. [He] didn’t think anything would happen. He made a mistake, he’s going to pay for it. He’ll be back Friday.”

Pemsl is one of three Iowa players — along with Ryan Kriener and Bakari Evelyn — that get significant minutes off of the bench.

His absence leaves a gap in Iowa’s rotation, one that Riley Till will fill.

Till is a redshirt junior who was a nonscholarship player for his first three years with the program. He earned a scholarship following last season.

Now, Till is the next man up for the Hawkeyes against Indiana.

“Riley’s got good size. He’s bouncy,” McCaffery said. “He’s smart. He really has a keen sense of what we need, what his strengths are. What his weaknesses are. He plays to his strengths and away from his weaknesses. I have full confidence in him.”

Till has appeared in 13 games for Iowa this season, playing 74 minutes.

The 6-foot-7 forward has yet to score more than two points in a game this season, but he’ll have a chance to make an impact in other capacities against the Hoosiers.

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Garza unfazed by stardom

Luka Garza is playing as well as any other star around college basketball this season.

The junior center has jumped into the limelight due to his play this season. Analysts and networks have heaped praise on Garza, but that has not changed his approach.

“He’s the same guy,” McCaffery said. “I mean, it hasn’t affected him at all. He’s just a grinder. He keeps working, and he stays locked in.”

Garza is averaging 23.1 points and 9.9 rebounds per game this season. Many projections have Garza as the Big Ten Player of the Year and a First-Team All-American.

McCaffery wants to see Garza continue to stay aggressive.

“We just keep encouraging him to keep doing what he’s doing,” McCaffery said. “He knows how we feel about him. We’re going to run stuff for him. His teammates love him and appreciate him. It’s pretty much been business as usual.”

Iowa locked in on Jackson-Davis

Indiana is in the middle of a four-game losing streak.

The Hoosier that’s still managed to shine during that stretch is Trayce Jackson-Davis.

Jackson-Davis is a 6-foot-9 freshman forward who joined Indiana as one of the top-ranked teams in the nation. He’s immediately made an impact for the Hoosiers.

The freshman is averaging 13.8 points and 7.9 rebounds for Indiana, proving himself as one of the best first-year players in the conference.

“I think he’s talented,” McCaffery said. “He’s versatile. He’s had the opportunity, and he’s made the best of it. You’ve got to credit him for earning playing time and consistently producing. He plays with energy and skill. He’s got a lot of qualities that make him really effective.”

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