Wii reigns supreme

Mariana Garces, Columnist

Mario Kart is a racing video game characterized by its vibrant go-karts, expressive Mario franchise characters, and lively maps. Although Nintendo keeps releasing different Mario Kart games, the latest one being released last month for iOS and Android, the top version is Mario Kart Wii.

This version of Mario Kart has some of the most engaging controllers, which is why it is not surprising that it sold a whopping 37.14 million copies. Players can choose whether they want to drive “automatic” or drift by choosing “manual.” They can play with a nunchuck controller for simpler gaming or implement the unforgettable Wii Wheel to feel more immersed.

The unpredictability factor is another reason that makes Mario Kart Wii the supreme game in the series. You could be in first place and a blue shell can come from afar and set you back a few spots. In the Wii version, winning is not as easy as it usually is because you never know what is going to happen. Therefore, playing with friends who are beginners will be just as fun because it gives everyone a chance at victory.

Even after playing for a while, gamers can still discover new aspects to the game because many of the game’s tracks have shortcuts and secrets.

Regardless of what platform you prefer to play Mario Kart on, we can all probably agree that it is a timeless series filled with entertainment and excitement.