Soccer Mommy, Squirrel Flower bloom at the Mill

Nashville’s Soccer Mommy and Iowa’s Squirrel Flower gave a cozy and moody show at the Mill last night


Megan Nagorzanski

Soccer Mommy performs at The Mill on Wednesday, September 18, 2019.

Naomi Hofferber, Arts Reporter

Indie artists Squirrel Flower and Soccer Mommy played a sold-out show at The Mill on Wednesday night. 

The show opened with Ella Williams, known as Squirrel Flower, who captured the audience with moody chords and pure vocals that rang out over their heads; a choir singer calling listeners to worship. 

“I’ve never worshipped another, but I find myself kneeling before you,” she sang out, her glossy eyelids shimmering under the stage lights. A calm sadness settled on the audience before her band joined in, the drums kicking the performance into something more fast-paced.

The native Bostonian had repetitive but driving lyrics, which were on occasion harder to hear over the band, yet made for a captivating show.

“I’ve got no idea what I’m doing here,” she sang under dim lights, just before leaving the stage, “But I’m here ‘cause I’ve got no places to be.”

It was then time for Sophie Anderson – Soccer Mommy – to take the stage, queued up by the *Buffy the Vampire Slayer* theme song. 

Anderson’s clean vocals were met with steady drums and a sound that, even when moving to angrier songs, kept a gentle feel. 

“This song is about being pissed off at yourself for being pathetic,” Anderson explained, before rolling into “Your Dog.”

Between songs, Anderson gave the audience the scoop on her Stardew Valley video game progress, and promised she’d get them moving to the music— no small feat for introspective bedroom pop. 

Songs like “Blossom” showcased the softness of Anderson’s voice; it took the sting out of sad and personal lyrics; for a band that’s Facebook page describes them as “chill but kinda sad,” listeners get exactly what’s on the label.

Nashville’s Soccer Mommy treated the audience to an unreleased song, that was preceded with strange synthy sounds. The song carried an undertone of 90s grunge, giving a slight edge to the sound. 

Soccer Mommy ended the night on a high note with “Scorpio Rising,” before taking the stage for an encore.

Overall between the cozy warmth of the Mill, the soft sad sounds, and the introspective lyric dives, listeners left feeling satisfied and sleepy, if not a little lonely.