Bad Suns to play at University of Iowa Homecoming show

For the University of Iowa’s annual Homecoming show, SCOPE Productions announced indie band Bad Suns will perform on Oct. 18.


Naomi Hofferber and Sarah Stortz

SCOPE Productions announced Thursday that indie group Bad Suns will play the Oct. 18 University of Iowa Homecoming show on the Pentacrest. The opener has yet to be announced.

Bad Suns hails from Los Angeles and has released three albums since forming in 2012. Its most-streamed song on Spotify, “Cardiac Arrest,” has more than 63 million streams.

The band is currently on tour, booked with 32 shows for the 2019-20 season. The group has previously rocked the Hawkeye state, performing at the Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines in 2014.

The alternative-rock band has an uplifting, clear sound to its music, with vocalist Christo Bowman consistently singing falsetto in a milky voice. The heavy use of guitars and drums will amp any listener to begin a new day.

Last year, SCOPE brought hip-hop artist Lizzo to the Pentacrest, who has since seen success following her Cuz I Love You album release.