Ranch absolutely improves pizza

Alexandra Skores, News Editor

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who put ranch on their pizza, and those who are wrong.

Let’s take it back to the 1950s where we meet a young Steve Henson, and his wife, Gayle at their Sweetwater Ranch in California. Later naming the ranch Hidden Valley — one of the most popular ranch brands — their famous homemade dressing mix soon became a delightful treat for all to share. Ranch has a meaningful history — and it continues to prove it to everyone.

Before I tell you why I believe ranch, the beautiful, creamy, and delicious salad dressing, deserves to be in a place of honor ­— my slice of pepperoni pizza — I’d like everyone to understand where I’m coming from.

For the last two years, I have worked at a pizza restaurant as a waitress. I’ve seen pizzas with sardines, pineapples, barbeque sauce, and the list goes on. Where the game changes is in adding a dip of a buttermilk-y, everything topping to your ‘za for the ultimate flavor. To those guests that I would wait on and ordered ranch with a side of a large pizza — yeah, you’re all right with me.

The best thing about ranch is its versatility. Talk about a great topping on pizza — it can also be used for a sauce to dip your fries in. Or if you’re feeling like a carrot, that too.

There really is only one way to eat pizza, and it is most definitely with a good ol’ side of ranch.