The Academy needs time for any adjustments


Austin J. Yerington, Opinions Columnist

This argument of what should be considered for an Academy Awards has long been in question, but with the recent critical success for streaming films such as Roma, it has been called into the spotlight by directors such as Steven Spielberg.

Netflix has created some high-grade content in recent years, but it has also created some films and creative ventures that didn’t receive the same high critical acclaim.

This year, Netflix submitted only three films for consideration for the Oscars. The films were made with highly famous directors and writers, such as the Coen brothers, but it also made quite a bit more films that it didn’t deem ready to submit for nominations. Netflix released more than 30 films in 2018.

With this high push-out rate for movies, it may be hard for all these films to have the necessary process to be considered by the Academy and be nominated. With having to choose certain movies over others, to have real theatrical releases, means streaming services such as Netflix will have to pick favorites to be played in theaters.

This sort of favoritism may create a pretty unhealthy competition with filmmakers and creatives. So it may be worth an investigation on this decision before any hasty decisions are made.

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